5 Essential Tips About Snowmobile Safety

By: Rachel Hasley | 02/21/2017 | No comments yet

Extreme conditions and fast speeds are what make riding so much fun, but they come with risks. When you ride with your family and friends, you need to be aware of potential risks.  A modern snowmobile can weigh over 600 pounds and travel up to 90 mph. Due to poor judgment, excess speed, and alcohol […]

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Ice Fishing Safety

By: Rachel Hasley | 02/10/2017 | No comments yet

  As the days get longer and warmth returns to the sun, ice fishing becomes a popular way to spend time in the outdoors, as well as add some fresh fish to your skillet. Before venturing to the ice, here are some safety tips to help keep you safe and dry. Follow these guidelines from […]

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How I Became the “Fire Extinguisher Lady”

combine fire ake
By: Allen Kronebusch | 09/23/2016 | No comments yet

This amazing story was told to us by our wonderful STOP-FYRE Sales Rep Sherri, located in Missouri. “[I] went to see Walter, a potential customer from Stoddard County, MO early on Tuesday, September 16th.  After I showed him the demo he said he’d think about it, but didn’t really want to buy just yet.  Later […]

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STOP-FYRE® – Saving Your Back

By: Allen Kronebusch | 08/10/2016 | No comments yet

STOP-FYRE® – Saving Your Back Jeff Tuma of Montgomery, MN has STOP-FYRE® now, which is a good thing. This year at Farmfest, Jeff told us how he used STOP-FYRE® to save his backhoe. “If I could tell people anything,” Jeff said, “it would be to invest in fire protection. It might be more money, but […]

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Is STOP-FYRE Safe to Use? We Put It to The Test!

non-corrosive - AKE
By: Allen Kronebusch | 06/20/2016 | No comments yet

  We often get asked where STOP-FYRE® is safe to use. It’s safe EVERYWHERE! To prove this, we sprayed STOP-FYRE® on a variety of surfaces to show how it doesn’t do any damage. The non-corrosive gas element of STOP-FYRE® makes it environmentally safe and won’t harm electronics, car engines, or people. In fact, we’re the […]

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