AgriNews – Durable fire extinguisher featured at farm machinery show

STOP-FYRE™: Durable fire extinguisher

By Katie Nickas
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Farms are places where the passions of family, hard work and community stir. Unfortunately, they are also the site of countless fires. This is where a durable fire extinguisher would come in handy.

More than 1.3 million fires were reported in the U.S. in 2010, 16 percent of which were vehicle fires and almost half of which resulted from outside and other fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

For producers, a farm fire can mean much more than a devastating financial blow to a combine or grain bin — it can mean charred personal and psychological spirits or worse.

“Farmers have a lot of responsibilities, and I think most of them would appreciate not having to think about fires on their operations,” said Allen Kronebusch, the self-described “Fire Guy” and owner of AKE Safety Equipment.

Begun in 1989 in Minnesota, AKE has built a strong base of agricultural customers by selling STOP-FYRE, a durable fire extinguisher with its proprietary blend of liquefied fire suppression gases.

The company introduced STOP-FYRE in 2007 and has since garnered the support of numerous fire departments and various other organizations devoted to farm safety and fire prevention.

“With STOP-FYRE, a fire can be a minor inconvenience instead of a major tragedy,” Allen Kronebusch said.

“Some folks may ask why STOP-FYRE is the world’s best fire extinguisher,” he acknowledged. “Our customers who have used STOP-FYRE say it is the best basically for all the reasons that a dry chemical powder isn’t.”

STOP-FYRE requires no monthly or annual service. It’s a multi-shot unit that is drawn to and extinguishes the flames instantly with no mess or clean up. It’s non-corrosive and, when sprayed in the vicinity of fire, the gas expands to consume the flames. It comes in compact, lightweight containers that are so easy to use that Allen’s 4-year-old son Aiden used them to put out a fire, for example.

“Top-quality safety equipment is an investment and we’re the only company that offers a lifetime, no-hassle durability guarantee,” Kronebusch said. “AKE Safety Equipment guarantees that if any of the fire safety equipment you have purchased from us is ever not in working condition, we will replace it with a new unit of equal or greater value.”

“This guarantee applies even if you have accidentally broken an item, which can occasionally happen,” he said.

“The National Tractor Pullers Association invited us to their annual awards ceremony in Columbus, Ohio, last December to perform a seminar on fire safety,” he said. “We are honored to be their official fire extinguisher. I have strong roots to the farming world and a natural desire to provide safe products for farmers and pullers.”

STOP-FYRE is available in four models. The small unit is $200, medium $300, the large best-selling “monster” STOP-FYRE unit is $500, and a Department of Transportation model with a gauge is $600.

“Functional fire safety equipment is one of the best investments for a farmer,” Kronebusch said.

While the average AKE customer owns five STOP-FYRE extinguishers to equip their combine, shop and truck, Allen Kronebusch said he understands why some people might have reservations about the price.

“A great thing about STOP-FYRE is how reliable it is, because our customers can have peace of mind knowing they own the best fire extinguisher on the market,” he said. “Customers think of our extinguishers as an investment. I tell my sales people I’d much rather explain the price of these extinguishers once than apologize for their poor quality forever.”

Kronebusch pulled out a large binder filled with customer testimonials and said, “Here is just one example of how STOP-FYRE has helped our customers. Ray VanGorp from northwest Iowa saved two combines and put out a large bean field fire with one STOP-FYRE extinguisher.”

Kronebusch credited God with his personal and professional success.

“We’re here for a bigger purpose — to save livelihoods and lives,” he said.

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