AKE Safety Equipment Continues Support of Farm Rescue

Farm Rescue



AKE Safety Equipment is very proud to continue our Platinum Sponsorship of Farm Rescue. Farm Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps plant and harvest crops and gives haying assistance to farm families that are struggling with illness, injury, or destruction from national disasters. Farm Rescue, based out of Jamestown, North Dakota, provides assistance to farm families in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and eastern Montana. Since the first year of the organization in 2006, Farm Rescue has assisted over 250 families that are in crisis. Farmers who are in need of help can apply for assistance directly through the Farm Rescue website.

Farm Rescue provides needed equipment and manpower to plant and harvest free of charge to families that qualify for the help. The family does not receive money directly from the organization. Financial assistance is provided in the form of equipment and manpower services. Farm Rescue is funded by grants, individual donations, and corporate sponsorships, like the one provided by AKE Safety Equipment. Farm Rescue has a large group of volunteers that come from all over the country to help farming families run farm equipment or provide other necessary professional service to help a farm continue to run smoothly during a time of crisis.

Farm Rescue trucks and equipment can be seen on the roads and in the fields during the spring planting and fall harvesting seasons. As a sponsor, AKE Safety Equipment is proud to have our STOP-FYRETM logo on Farm Rescue pick-ups, semi-tractor trailers, billboard signs, and on other Farm Rescue marketing material. We look forward to the continual partnership with this very supportive organization.

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