AKE Safety Equipment Leasing Program

AKE Safety Equipment


AKE Safety Equipment is excited to launch our new, easy leasing program. We have partnered with Lease Corporation of America to set up a leasing program for our products.  Purchasers of STOP-FYRETM fire extinguishers can make 13 payments over a 12 month period. This program helps people get the safety equipment that they need now without the total out-of-pocket investment all at once.

Lease Corporation of America has funded over 78,000 leases in a variety of industries such as security, pressure washers, cleaning, radios, computer hardware and software, copiers, point-of-sale, and test equipment since 1988. The leasing program helps increase the customer’s purchasing power with minimal upfront cost.

The AKE Safety Equipment leasing program is available for both direct customers and STOP-FYRETM Dealers.  The 13 payments over a 12 month time period is easy to calculate: just divide your total product cost by 12 months to calculate your monthly payment. Add in one more monthly, or “advanced payment”, to get your total of 13 payments.  There is a very simple application and approval process that can be completed within a morning or afternoon. To own the safety equipment, simply pay the $1.00 lease-to-buy option at the end of your term. Setting up a lease via Lease Corporation of America helps improve cash flow, eliminates budget problems, and protects against obsolescence.

The AKE Safety Equipment leasing program will allow you to stock up on STOP-FYRETM fire extinguishers that you need right away with only one advance payment. The lines of credit are subject to credit approval. There are certain criteria that need to be met in order to be approved for the leasing program. Find out how the new AKE Safety Equipment leasing program is quick, easy and efficient. In some cases, the credit can be decided up in 2 to 4 hours!  Ask us how the leasing program can help you get the fire safety equipment you need with less up-front costs. Call us at 888-673-4734 for more information.


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