11 Reasons AKE Sponsors Ag Safety Day

 Progressive Ag Safety Day – Why AKE Sponsors

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  1. Our $1,300 sponsorship directly enables the education of farm, ranch, and rural families so that no child would become ill, be injured, or die from activities on their farms, ranches, and / or rural homes.
  2. In 2013, as many as 80,000 participants will be reached with the help of almost 20,000 older volunteers.
  3. The one day agricultural safety day depends solely on the contributions, grants, and sponsorships of organizations and people across the nation like AKE Safety Equipment.
  4. Sponsorships help to cover costs for possible event venues.
  5. AKE’s sponsorship funds postage used to send mail and parcel related to coordinating the events.
  6. Monies contributed in kind to Ag Safety Day will cover a meal, beverages, and snacks for attendees and volunteers of the event.
  7. Sponsorship monies can be used to fund printing costs of event materials.
  8. AKE feels that encouraging the working agricultural communities to be safe while working will enable them to thrive, making their communities stronger.
  9. Some grants will be used to purchase or rent audio-visual equipment for the day.
  10. As a sponsor, we are part of a larger group of organizations and people knowledgeable about the importance of everyday agricultural safety with the integrity to do something about it.
  11. Our donation will help bring a smile to a child’s face for one day, which is reason enough to most anything.

For more information on the Ag Safety Day program, and how to become a sponsor, please visit their website at www.progressiveag.org.

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