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The Better Business Bureau is a resource for objective and unbiased information on a business. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) encourages and supports business’ best practices and set standards for a business’ marketplace trust, role models and behavior. So what does all of that mean? It means that the BBB creates a community of trust worthy businesses while at the same time denouncing substandard business behavior such as bad customer service, complaints and unreliability. The BBB has created a review/rating system using the letter grading system based on many factors of the business and its relationship with the BBB. The BBB is unbiased and refrains from making recommendations or endorsing a business or product. In fact, they encourage consumers to investigate a business’ reviews on other consumer websites in conjuncture with the BBB letter grade rating.
The Better Business Bureau rating system is based on a number of factors. If your business does not comply with the list, then your rating grade can be reduced. Listed below are just a few of the BBB’s grading elements:
1. The number of complaints that the BBB receives on a business. This also refers to how the company responds to the BBB complaints against them. Is the reply quick and helpful to the customer or does the business not reply at all?
2. The type of business. If the business is unlawful or generates marketplace concerns, it can receive a lower grade.
3. How much time has the company been in business?
4. The background and descriptive information is complete in the BBB files. If the BBB does not have full description of a business, then the grade can be lowered.
5. The company fails to honor commitments to the BBB.
6. There are licensing and government actions against the company that have been filed at the BBB.
7. There are advertising issues or misuse of the BBB symbols and ratings on the company’s website and marketing materials.
It can take a while to be accredited with the BBB. But, once a company is accredited, the BBB will still follow and “checkup” on the company to make sure that they are still compiling with all of the BBB regulations.
AKE Companies filed with the Better Business Bureau in 1993 and was accredited on 5/28/2010 with an A+ rating. AKE Companies was reviewed and rated on 16 different factors and pass them all with flying colors. The most important factor in the rating is that there have been no complaints against AKE Companies filed with the BBB! AKE is proud of their great customer service and helpful return policy! AKE Companies proudly places the BBB accreditation and A+ rating on our home page!

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