STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguisher Tractor Pulling Sled

STOP-FYRE tractor pulling sled


AKE Safety Equipment is excited to have STOP-FYRE,”The World’s BEST fire extinguisher TM” named as the official fire extinguisher for Bungart Motorsports for the 2014 tractor pulling season! A feature of this partnership is the STOP-FYRE branded tractor pulling sled, specially designed by Bungart Motorsports. A tractor pulling sled is what is attached to the tractors during  pulls and contains a box filled with a weight that is slid forward as the tractor moves along the pulling course making it more difficult to move. The STOP-FYRE sled debuted at the American Legion Old Town Picnic in St. Peters, Missouri on June 13th.  The sled will also be featured at other Illinois Tractor Pulling Association events throughout the summer.

A fire extinguisher is a vital part of the tractor pulling team’s safety program. During the tractor pulls, the tractor’s engines are under extreme pressure, which can often result in fires. Having a fire extinguisher in the cab of the tractor is key for safety for the entire team. The STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher is a perfect option for tractor pullers, because it is compact, non-corrosive, and easy to use. STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers work quickly to put out the fire and will not harm the tractor and the engine.

The AKE Safety Equipment sled is a great way for people to be introduced to the STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher brand. AKE Safety Equipment will be attending many different tractor pulling events during the summer and early fall. Check with our events and this blog for more information about upcoming events.

Check out the pictures of the STOP-FYRE tractor sled before its first competition!

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