Best Commercial Fire Extinguisher

“We recently had a router bit melt and burn the bed on our CNC. With a few-seconds blast from AKE’s STOP-FYRE [fire] extinguisher, it was out. The machine and the material were saved without any damage to either of them and there was no residual residue from the extinguisher to harm the machine. Thanks for a great product!” – Jason H., Minneapolis, MN

Manufacturers have their own set of problems when it comes to fire. These problems can be summed up in three points:

  1. Significant amount of expensive equipment and supplies
  2. Cannot afford downtime of a key machinery damaged from corrosive powder
  3. Protecting employees from harm

As a manufacturer, you need the best commercial fire extinguisher, which will keep the mess and corrosive damage to a minimum. STOP-FYRE seeks out the fire and leaves no residue.

Top Reasons STOP-FYRE is the Best Commercial Fire Extinguisher of Choice

  • Does not need clean up
  • Does not hurt equipment/non-corrosive
  • Works fast and minimizes damage

Commercial Fires that Need an Effective Fire Extinguisher

Fires can happen in many situations. See why STOP-FYRE is the best extinguisher for the following situations:

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*Most of our manufacturing and commercial customers purchase STOP-FYRE over and above the fire extinguisher they have on hand to meet code requirements.