Don’t hassle with traditional fire extinguishers any longer

Don’t hassle with traditional fire extinguishers any longer

Farm and Livestock Directory, Sept. 8, 2011

Dave Geerdes, a producer from Racine, MN, first purchased the non-traditional fire extinguisher – STOP-FYRE – back in 1991 and now has eight units on his operation. “I know they’ve saved me a corn dryer, they’ve saved me a combine, and I have full confidence that having them around the farm will save us a lot of grief, repairs, and replacements into the future,” Geerdes said.

Fire is an ever present threat to all of our lives and property. In order to extinguish a fire quickly and avoid tragedy, functional fire extinguishers are needed in the home, buildings, and equipment.

Allen Kronebusch, firefighter and owner of AKE Safety Equipment (AKE), says “STOP-FYRE is more than just another fire extinguisher, it is Peace-of-Mind. Our customers do not have to worry if their traditional fire extinguisher is going to work when they have a fire; STOP-FYRE  will. Traditional, dry chemical powder extinguishers need to be shaken monthly and professionally serviced yearly to keep the unit functional and the powder from settling but few people actually do this since it is so much of a hassle.”

“Folks who want a hassle-free clean fire extinguisher own STOP-FYRE because it is virtually maintenance free and does not leave behind a corrosive toxic mess to clean up.”

One big advantage to STOP-FYRE is when it is sprayed, it will not leave behind a corrosive powder damaging metals and electronics.

Allen Kronebusch states, “Traditional powder fire extinguishers contain Ammonium Phosphate which is highly corrosive and that messy powder gets everywhere. The powder is so destructive that during my firefighter training, I was instructed to use dry chemical extinguishers at accident scenes to kill an engine. Sadly this is what so many farms are still using in their home and on their machinery.”

STOP-FYRE may be the best, but it is not cheap as Geerdes explains, “I know first impressions for some people are probably going to be that it’s quite a bit of money to spend for a fire extinguisher, but you have to look at the big picture. We’re out here spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on each piece of equipment, and the cost of this fire extinguisher is so trivial to what we spend on equipment nowadays, and it can save so much money by putting out a fire quickly, rather than have the whole piece of equipment destroyed or damaged to where it is going to require tens of thousands of dollars of repairs, and to say nothing about the future headaches you’re going to have from things that get missed in the repair process, so I think these things are worth their weight in gold.”

AKE offers the non-traditional fire extinguisher, STOP-FYRE, in four different sizes. The two small sizes are designed for vehicles and sell for $200 and $300. The most popular size is the large unit because it is ideal for machinery, farm buildings, the home, and fire departments. It sells for $500. The fourth option is the large unit with a gauge to satisfy DOT/USCG requirements and sells for $600.

Demonstration and testimonial videos are posted on AKE’s website at You can call them at 888-673-4734

AKE Safety Equipment of Rochester, MN manufactures STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers and has been in business solving people’s fire safety problems since 1989.

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