Best Fire Extinguisher for Homeowners

When it comes to fire safety, the home is the most important place to protect. With the fire problems homeowners encounter, STOP-FYRE is the best choice in fire safety.

  1. 96% of all fire deaths occur in the home and on property
  2. Irreplaceable items are in the home (e.g. family, heirlooms, photos, data, etc.)
  3. 65% of all fires start in the kitchen
  4. The effect of a fire mess is much more impactful in the home
  5. Homeowners often have lack of fire safety knowledge and preparation

Top Reasons STOP-FYRE is the Best Home Fire Extinguisher of Choice

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • No maintenance

See how STOP-FYRE works for homeowners as a

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