Oronoco Fire Department Gets a New Fire Truck (and STOP-FYRE)

Oronoco Fire Department

We would like to extend a very big congratulations to Oronoco Fire Department‘s new fire truck! This truck was years in the making, and is guaranteed to make every other fire department jealous. The sheer size of this truck, customized storage, and ridiculously comfy seats are any fireman’s dream come true. Dan Sundt, Oronoco Fire Chief, designed this truck personally, and is a great source of pride.

We are happy to share Dan’s excitement, as Oronoco Fire Department was the first fire department to trust STOP-FYRE.  For this reason, we are upgrading their existing STOP-FYRE extinguishers and giving them a brand-new High Capacity STOP-FYRE. Watch the video to check out Oronoco’s new fire truck (and filming bloopers).

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