Pet Fire Safety and Prevention

Pet Fire Safety


July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day! Why do we need a day to talk about pets and fire you ask? Every year 500,000 pets are impacted by home fires, and 1,000 pets accidentally cause home fires.  Taking preventative measures to protect our pets and our homes from fires can be very easy.

We put together some helpful tips for pet fire prevention! Check it out!

1. Don’t leave your pet unsupervised around open flames, like candles. Pets can be curious and may accidentally knock them over. It might be better to opt for fake candles instead.

Pet Fire Safety

Fireplaces and bonfires can also be dangerous, so make sure your pets don’t get too close!

Pet Fire Safety

2.  Do not let your pet chew electrical cords. It is very dangerous for them and can start a fire. If you see your pets doing this, find ways to stop the behavior immediately.

Pet Fire Safety

3. Be cautions of where knobs to turn on appliances are in your home. Pets can accidentally turn stove knobs on and knock over flammable kitchen tools.

4. Don’t leave glass water bowls on decks. The heat from the sun combined with the glass can actually set the deck on fire! Use metal or ceramic bowls for outside pet use.

5. When out of the house, secure pets away from fire hazards so they can’t start any trouble. you can put them in crates or behind baby gates. But make sure they are secure!

Pet Fire Safety

6. Use a pet alert sticker so firemen know how many pets are in the home. This can save rescuers a lot of time locating your pets.

7. In the case of a fire, pets can become frightened and run away. Make sure you pet has a collar or microchip with information so they can be easily found.

We love our pets, and should do everything to keep them safe! This isn’t a reason to discontinue using your fireplace, just make sure you’re keeping an eye on them. For fires you can easily put out, make sure you have a STOP-FYRE extinguisher on hand.

Pet Fire Safety




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