Pullers and Monster Truck Fire Safety

It’s no secret that AKE STOP-FYRE extinguishers are the only fire extinguisher used at many monster truck and pulling events such as: Monster Truck Nationals, Northwest Truck Pulls, and Carolina Pullers just to name a few.

One major fear during these adrenaline-filled events is the threat of a fire. Just search for “truck fires” and thousands of video results pop up. Fires can start from highly combustible liquids at these events such as oil, grease, fuel, or exhaust. Fires can be a deadly and devastating occurrence in a vehicle. However, important precautions are in place in case a fire does start.

To combat any risk of injury, extinguishers are placed in various locations in the truck in case a fire does happen. While immediate extinguishing systems are also in place as a precaution.

Fires don’t happen very often at these events, but if they do, drivers know that AKE has their back.

This article features information from: bleacher report

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