STOP-FYRE Named Official Fire Extinguisher of the Nebraska Bush Pullers


The tractor pulling world is resting up to be ready for a busy 2014 outdoor tractor pulling season. AKE Safety Equipment is proud to announce their partnership with the Nebraska Bush Pullers for the 2014 tractor pulling season. STOP-FYRETM “The World’s BEST Fire ExtinguisherTM” will be the official fire extinguisher for the Nebraska Bush Pullers for the 2014 season.

The Nebraska Bush Pullers is an organization of Pro-Stock and Modified Pulling Tractors that sanctions tractor pulls throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. The tractor representative classes are Super Stock, Super Farm, United Pro-Stock, and Modified. The regular tractor pulling season runs June to September. The organization sponsors outdoor tractor pulls, but are this year are once again sponsoring the 2014 Cornhusker Classic Indoor Tractor Pull March 21st and 22nd at the Lancaster Event Center. You can find out more information about the Nebraska Bush Pullers on their Facebook Page.

Tractor pulling can be a dangerous sport. The engines are under a very large amount of pressure as more weight is added on the sled that they are pulling. Engine fires and rollovers can occur during tractor pulls, so it is important to be extra diligent in safety precautions. Tractor pullers should have a fire extinguisher in their tractor cabs and the tractor pulling officials and teams should also have fire extinguishers within easy reach during the events. The STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher has a compact size that is great for the inside of the cab of tractors. The non-corrosive chemicals of STOP-FYRE can help put out a fire quicker as well as help reduce the costly repairs to tractor engines.

AKE Safety Equipment is happy to be a sponsor for the Nebraska Bush Pullers and looks forward to the 2014 tractor pulling season!