STOP-FYRE Saves Combine and Crops

AKE Safety Equipment

Early September, AKE traveled to Farm Progress Show in Illinois to bring the power of STOP-FYRE to farm families. Little did we know that one of our customers would have to use our extinguishers so soon!

Larry and Charlene Burbrink stopped by our booth September 1st to check out our new STOP-FYRE extinguishers. Based in Indiana, they run a family farm that grows beans and corn.

As harvest season comes into full swing, Larry and Charlene worked to gather their crops. That’s when the unexpected happened. On September 25th, the combine they had been using caused a spark that ignited not only their combine, but the bean stubble as well. Charlene posted the dramatic story to our Dealer Development Specialist Larry’s Facebook page about the ordeal:

“…we experienced a combine and field fire caused by static or a spark from the combine. Approximately four acres of bean stubble burned. The wind was strong from the east with [the] woods on the south and standing corn on the west. Larry and Nathan (our son) were able to extinguish the fire in the combine using two of your STOP-FYRE extinguishers and one regular dry chemical extinguisher. Your extinguishers well out-performed the dry chemical at least 3-4 times. We feel that the STOP-FYRE saved our combine. We were able to continue harvesting soybeans a couple of hours after the fire due to minimal damage to the combine. There were four fire departments there, and we used a tractor with a front end loader to make a fire break along the edge of the corn field. We lost no crops. We are so grateful to everyone for their help and all the prayers that have been said for us.”

We are so happy that we could aid Larry and Charlene in saving their crops and machinery. This harvest season is especially dangers as dry conditions increase the risk of fire. Taking preventative measures against farm fires is the best way to be prepared.  Remember AKE for all your fire extinguisher safety needs and happy harvesting!





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