Ray V.

“We went out with a tractor and disk to start disking stuff down. We got hot embers on the back of the tractor because it piled up on the back. So I hopped on my brother’s 4-wheeler and grabbed that fire extinguisher, and I went out there to ride behind the tractors to make sure they weren’t going to have any problems because if you get a fire on the back of a tractor, you want to get it out.
After we got the stuff disked down and made sure the tractors were ok, me and another guy took the 4-wheeler and decided to ride alongside of the bean field to make sure there are no hot spots starting. We headed down along a stretch of beans and came across a spot that was about 3-4 feet in diameter that was burning again. I was just getting into the edge of the beans. We hopped off the 4-wheeler and ran over with a shovel and fire extinguisher and he starts scratching stuff to the center.
It was about two rows into the bean field and I took the extinguisher and made two sweeps and it snuffed it right out. This was in about 30-35 mph wind. I’m pretty impressed. We stuck around to watch the edges to make sure all the embers snuffed out. It knocked it down instantly. I was impressed with that kind of wind. I rode back with that little extinguisher on the floor of the 4-wheeler and the Fire Chief said, “What are you doing with that little thing?” and I told him, “I just put out a 3-4 foot diameter fire. By the time you would have gotten over there, the whole field would have been on fire.”.
It costs $500, but when you’re talking about a piece of farm equipment that costs a quarter million dollars, $500 isn’t much. What is price when you have a fire and you have to put it out? A lot of guys will pay more for an insurance policy on a combine for one year than one of your fire extinguishers.
I took the can back and hung it on the wall and a neighbor called my brother four hours later and he said he had hot embers. He asked to get “that fire extinguisher” and use it. He used the remainder of the extinguisher. He had some embers start in the cylinder of the combine and he used it again to snuff it out. Hopefully I won’t have another fire, but if I do, I’m glad I have these fire extinguishers.”

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