Best Fire Extinguisher for Farmers

As a farmer, your time and equipment are very precious and you have your own set of fire problems. Here’s why farmers trust STOP-FYRE as the best combine and farm fire extinguisher and their first choice in fire safety:

  1. Activities (e.g. welding, cutting, harvest, etc.)
  2. Large volume of flammables (e.g. hay, fuel, wood, etc.)
  3. Remote location results in longer fire department response times
  4. Livelihood and home are at risk at the same time
  5. Three times more likely to have a fire
  6. Average a fire every 3-4 years large enough to need a fire extinguisher
  7. Significant amount of expensive machinery, property, and buildings at risk
  8. Lack of time to maintain dry chemical units resulting in greater risk of non-functional extinguishers

Top Reasons Farmers Use STOP-FYRE

  • Effective and Fast
  • Non-corrosive
  • Small and Durable

See why STOP-FYRE is trusted as the best combine fire extinguisher.

Testimonials From Farmers Who Use STOP-FYRE

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