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More than 1.3 million fires were reported in 2012, causing more than $12 billion dollars in property damage and costing 2,855 civilians and 64 firefighters their lives. Although the number of fires in the United States has decreased dramatically in the last 25 years, even a single fatality as a result of a fire is too many. Fortunately new firefighting equipment continues to make firefighters’ jobs easier and safer. One such product is the STOP-FYRE clean agent fire extinguisher.

Benefits of STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguishers

Fire Fighters

STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers offer a myriad of benefits to firefighters as well as home and business owners. Among these are:

    • Easier to use in small spaces. As you know, some spaces, such as chimneys and stairwells, can pose a problem for firefighters trying to maneuver bulky equipment. The STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers can get to hard to reach areas quickly and easily.
  • Less mess. The STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher eliminates the mess that a dry chemical fire extinguisher leaves behind.
  • Drawn to fire. The chemicals in the STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher are actually drawn to the source of the fire.
  • No monthly or annual servicing required. Unlike dry chemical fire extinguishers, the STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher requires no regular maintenance.

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