How Much Does A Fire Extinguisher Cost?

When you are purchasing a product where quality is the priority, a product’s purchase price is less important than its long-term value. Even though dry chemical extinguishers appear to save you money because of their low purchase price, a High Capacity STOP-FYRE costs far less to maintain – what we can think of as “Expense” or the purchase price plus the cost to maintain it over a certain time period. In fact, after only 308 days, a High Capacity STOP-FYRE costs about four (4) times less to own. This does not include the hassle and headache of maintenance and clean-up of dry chemical ownership.

Use the following fire extinguisher comparison charts to help you make the best value-based purchasing decision.

 “Expense” of Ownership Over Time

Cost of Ownership Graph - 11-2016-norefills

Cost of Fire Extinguishers After 10 Years of Ownership*

STOP-FYRE vs Dry Chemical Value Comparison