Proper Use of a STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguisher

STOP-FYRE is as easy as “point and shoot”. When you pick it up you will intuitively know how to use it. STOP-FYRE makes using a fire extinguisher so easy, in fact, anyone from a 4-year old child to someone with severe arthritis can operate it. Ease of use and simplicity mean you can extinguish your fire quickly, saving lives and property.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

1. Assess the Fire

  • What is on fire?
  • How big is the fire?

2. Plan Your Attack

  • Find the base (hottest spot)
  • Decide the best way to get the STOP-FYRE agent to the base

3. Grab and Pull

  • Grab your STOP-FYRE unit and approach the fire
  • Pull pin and aim at base

4. Spray and Assess

  • Assess if fire is out and spray again if necessary

5. Prevent Reignition

  • Leave it alone until cooled down (fresh oxygen will cause it to reignite)
  • Or find a way to cool or smother the base so it doesn’t come back

6. Solve the Problem

  • Determine why/how the fire started
  • Eliminate the conditions that led to the fire

7. Refill Your Extinguisher

  • Your STOP-FYRE unit is multi-shot, but we recommend you refill it after each use
  • You never know how big your next fire will be and it is critical to be fully prepared



Please Note:
Fire extinguishers are made to extinguish the FLAMES. Once out, you need to break up the conditions
(e.g. heat, oxygen, and the fuel source) that led to the fire (e.g. use dirt to smother the coals, break up the hay bale, etc.). Then solve the overall problem that led to the fire (e.g. wash the combine, replace the bearing, etc.).