AKE Safety Equipment Meets Great People at Farming Tradeshows!

AKE Safety Equipment Meets Great People at Farming Tradeshows!

AKE Safety Equipment goes to many agriculture and farming trade shows throughout the year to showcase STOP-FYRETM fire extinguishers. In late September, we were at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI and got the chance to talk to people of all ages. One of the expo attendees that we had a lovely conversation with was Raphael R, a high school student. As part of a school project, Raphael and his classmates were asked to have a 5 minute interview with vendors and exhibitors at the Expo. He stopped by the AKE Safety Equipment booth and engaged Allen Kronebusch, the CEO and founder of AKE Safety Equipment, in a longer conversation about STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers.

 Dr. Mr. Kronebusch,

I would like to thank you for coming to the Wisconsin World of Dairy Expo this year. I am a student from Harford Union High School; nearly all the students in our Animal Science class came on our annual field trip to the Dairy Expo. Personally I live on a farm, but for some of the students a lot of the technology was new, as they live in the city.

Our assignment for the field trip was to interview different exhibitors, which we did, usually only taking about five minutes to interview each exhibitor. However, we ended up talking with you for nearly 30 minutes. Your product is unique and you have a great way of marketing it. I especially liked when you sprayed a litttle of the liquid in your fire extinguisher into a glass, and then showed us how the liquid vaporizes, effectively smothering the fire.

We enjoyed the conversation that you had with us, and I will come back to your booth if I am able to come to the Dairy Expo again. We will consider buying one of your extinguishers, as we have an old open-cab tractor and it is difficult to keep a normal full-size extinguisher handy. So, thank you for helping make the Diary Expo what it is: the best dairy show in the world.


Raphael R.

Hartford FFA Historian 2013-2014 

Raphael R. is the future of farming and dairy farming in particular. We were honored that he wanted to learn more about STOP-FYRETM fire extinguishers! AKE Safety Equipment looks forward to seeing and meeting friends and customers as well as meeting potential customers at farming shows in 2014!