AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE® Released by AKE Safety Equipment

AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE® Released by AKE Safety Equipment

For Release 8 a.m. CST

August 1, 2014


24/7 Fire Protection, 24/7 Peace-of-Mind™

AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE® Released by AKE Safety Equipment



ROCHESTER, MN — August 1, 2014 —


For a quarter century, STOP-FYRE has set the standard when it comes to portable, handheld fire extinguishers.


Now that same top-of-the-line firefighting technology is available in AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE, the extinguisher that fights fires–even when you’re not around.


Perfect for utility rooms, shops, engine compartments, and any other area where fires are likely to occur, AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE offers 24/7 Fire Protection, 24/7 Peace-of-Mind.


AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE includes all of the qualities that have made STOP-FYRE “The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher.” The small, easy-to-place canister is filled with a proprietary blend of liquified gases that expand to fight fires. With its non-corrosive agent, you won’t face expensive repairs caused by corrosive residue.


What makes the new AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE unique is the fact that it features a temperature-sensitive head that automatically releases the fire-suppression agent the moment it’s needed.


Finally, you can protect your confined areas–and your most valuable equipment, tools, or vehicles–even when you’re not around.


AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE also includes an easy-to-read pressure gauge and a manual pull cable release.


Our top model, Premium AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE, includes all of the features of the Standard model, but also offers additional directional capabilities. The directional hose allows you to target your firefighting to a focused area in a larger room, perfect for diesel rooms and cooking areas.


All AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE units are refillable and come with a no-hassle, lifetime guarantee.


Manufactured by AKE Safety Equipment since 1989, STOP-FYRE has earned accolades from those who understand the importance of fire safety, everyone from farmers to firefighters to tractor pullers (STOP-FYRE has been named the official extinguisher of the National Tractor Pullers Association for four straight years). The “Tested and Trusted” STOP-FYRE has built a long history of customer loyalty and professional accolades (including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau).


And now, AKE Safety Equipment has focused that expertise and experience on its new AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE.


At AKE Safety Equipment, we’re clearly not a company that releases new products on a whim. We have spent the last 25 years refining and improving the original STOP-FYRE. We take great pride in our research and development of our product’s evolution. When it comes to safety equipment, we think that’s a good thing.


The release of our new AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE is a big deal. We have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting a product we trust. A product we stand behind. A product that will help save your prized possessions, your home, maybe even the life of someone you love.


The retail price of our Standard STOP-FYRE system is $2,000 and the Premium STOP-FYRE system sells for $2,500.  Right now, we’re offering you the chance to own AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE with a simple financing option. You can give yourself that 24/7 Fire Protection, 24/7 Peace-of-Mind for just $79.38 per month (or $99.23 per month for Premium AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE) on a 36-month lease option.


To order your AUTOMATIC STOP-FYRE today, call 888-673-4734 or to learn more about STOP-FYRE extinguishing capabilities and its Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™, check out



Founded in 1989, AKE Companies is the only firefighter owned, operated, and endorsed fire extinguisher manufacturer in the country. STOP-FYRE has been called “The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher” by people who regularly rely on fire safety equipment–everyone from farmers to fire chiefs. STOP-FYRE is the official extinguisher of the National Tractor Pullers Association and the Outlaw Truck & Tractor Pullers Association. AKE believes that STOP-FYRE is here for a greater purpose–to help others by keeping them safe from fire.



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