Expanding Our Reach: Joining the National Sunflower Association

Expanding Our Reach: Joining the National Sunflower Association

As of July, 15, 2015, AKE  is proud to be a member of the National Sunflower Association (NSA). The NSA is a non-profit, agricultural organization that works to support sunflower farmers and their support industry, which now includes AKE Safety Equipment.

The NSA focuses on four specific activities that include market development and promotion, production research, education, and policy issues.

AKE is a perfect fit for the support of sunflower farmers. Fire is a major issue in sunflower harvesting. It’s not a matter of if a fire will happen, but when. Sunflower producers have an increased risk of fire, more than producers of corn, wheat, or soybeans. The major cause is the fact that sunflower debris can ignite at lower temperatures than other farm product debris, and get sucked into ventilation systems easier. This makes their farm equipment have a greater risk to catch fire.

However, with AKE’s automatic extinguisher, sunflower farmers will able to know that if a fire starts in their combine, the automatic will put it out before it can cause any problems.

We are thrilled to work with the National Sunflower Association to continue to spread awareness of fire safety and prevention with STOP-FYRE.