NTPA approves STOP-FYRE™: Farm and Livestock Directory Story

NTPA approves STOP-FYRE™: Farm and Livestock Directory Story

NTPA approves powderless STOP-FYRE™: Small extinguisher, big results

Allen Kronebusch, founder and CEO of AKE Safety Equipment,  is standing in his kitchen with his wife Debbie and their two young sons. He squirts lighter fluid into a pan, then tosses in a lit match. Flames shoot up. Debbie aims a small fire extinguisher and pulls the trigger. The fire goes out instantly. That is why the NTPA approved STOP-FYRE recently.

The scene reveals the things that matter most to Kronebusch: Faith, family, and fire safety.

Kronebusch owns AKE Safety Equipment, a business based on beliefs. “The credit goes to God,” he says. “I’m just a guy who knows a lot about fire extinguishers.”

Kronebusch, a firefighter in Oronoco (Minn.), has sold extinguishers since 1989. He calls STOP-FYRE™, an extinguisher filled with a proprietary blend of liquefied gases, “The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher.” Many users – from farmers to fire chiefs – agree.

Standard, dry chemical powder extinguishers are bulky and must be shaken monthly, serviced annually, and stored upright and the powder inside corrodes electronics and metals.

STOP-FYRE’s chemical agent is non-corrosive – one reason the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) made it their official extinguisher.

“Do you trust a dry chemical extinguisher to put out a fire on your machine or in your shop?” Kronebusch asks. “Do you want that corrosive powder on your engine, tools, and electronics?”

Kronebusch stresses STOP-FYRE’s safety. “It’s small, easy to use, and ready whenever you need it. STOP-FYRE’s gases expand — it finds the fire and fights it.”

Kronebusch backs every extinguisher with a “no hassle, no B.S. guarantee.”

“If it breaks or leaks, we’ll replace it for free,” he says. “It’s the right way to do business, especially in a business that saves lives.”


For more info, call 888-673-4734 or check out AKE.com.