February Dealer Spotlight: Kendall & Kathy Guither

February Dealer Spotlight: Kendall & Kathy Guither

As February rolls around, it’s time for our new Dealer Spotlight! This month, we’re proud to recognize Kendall and Kathy Guither as February’s Dealer Spotlight.

Kendall and Kathy have worked with AKE as a dealer for 4 years. They started out as are farmers who saw the benefits of STOP-FYRE and purchased it for their personal equipment and home.  Later, they decided to become dealers to share this unique product with others who want to protect themselves and their possessions. They attend several trade shows each year as well as promote by giving STOP-FYRE demonstrations locally.

Shortly after their first STOP-FYRE purchase, they decided to become a dealer. This is what the Guithers had to say about AKE and STOP-FYRE:

“No one in our area had heard of the product and were amazed when they saw a demonstration that there was a product out there that works so well.  We decided we needed to help spread the word that there was better and safer product out there than the “run of the mill” dry chemical extinguishers, to help protect people, their operations and possession, as well as their homes.

We think the products are great and are really excited about the new automatic extinguisher as well as the size of the new larger high capacity extinguisher.

We feel the company makes it a high priority to take care of their customers.  They build a quality American made product and service their customers quickly. We were at a trade show in December where a previous customer told us they had a tractor fire,  and saved the tractor with STOP-FYRE.  They were even more impressed when the company did exactly what they claimed, they picked up the used extinguisher for free, only charged for the refill, and shipped it back free in a VERY timely manner.

If we had to make the decision to be STOP-FYRE distributors again, we most definitely would!  We believe in the product enough that we have given it to our family members.”

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