How I Became the "Fire Extinguisher Lady"

How I Became the "Fire Extinguisher Lady"
This amazing story was told to us by our wonderful STOP-FYRE Sales Rep Sherri, located in Missouri.

“[I] went to see Walter, a potential customer from Stoddard County, MO early on Tuesday, September 16th.  After I showed him the demo he said he’d think about it, but didn’t really want to buy just yet.  Later that evening, he called and said he thought about me and the product all day and wanted me to return the next morning to close the deal.  Ultimately, Walter bought 4 High Capacity and 2 Standard STOP-FYREs and put them on his cotton pickers and combine. I told him – as the owner of the operation – to always carry one in his pickup truck, just in case.

I get a call Wednesday, September 21 at around 3:20 pm from Walter. He said “I wanted to call and tell ya the sh** really works!” and I asked, “What happened?” Walter said his combine header caught on fire.

Shelling corn had balled up under the combine header, creating friction on the right bearing. This, in turn, had caused it to catch on fire, dripping puddles of fire in the cornfield, catching the stalks on fire.

Fast forward to when Walter drives up as he sees the hired guy getting to the end of a row, not realizing there’s a fire.  So Walter grabs one of the STOP-FYRE extinguishers from his truck and runs to the header. In a panic, the hired guy had left the combine and the High Capacity STOP-FYRE in the cab.

So, Walter shot 2 short bursts at the flames that had eaten through the plastic cover and it went out. It then re-ignited and he shot once more and it was out again. Then, he looked behind the combine and saw 5-feet of the field on fire.  With one long burst of STOP-FYRE and the wind at his back, the entire field fire was extinguished!

I told Walter I was proud of him for listening to me on how to use the product in short bursts. He said, “I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking I didn’t want to waste a $900 fire extinguisher but that sh** is really good.”

Ultimately, it saved his entire 1-year-old John Deere combine, worth approximately $500,000.  Within an hour the new bearing was there and they were back up and running rather quickly.

So, with 8 guys standing around I was the hero for the day and known as the ‘Fire Extinguisher Lady’.”