Fires Are Dangerous, But You Can Be Prepared

Fires Are Dangerous, But You Can Be Prepared

Fire can be the most unexpected, yet dangerous disaster to happen. No one wakes up expecting a fire to occur, and no one is ready for the disaster that it brings. At AKE Safety Equipment we know that fire isn’t the top priority on your mind, but for us it’s all we think about.

AKE Safety Equipment is the only firefighter owned and operated fire extinguisher company. Way back in 1989, a kid named Allen Kronebusch started selling fire extinguishers. This passionate, young entrepreneur wanted to build a business whose sole focus was on creating and selling the best fire extinguisher on the market. The resulting fire extinguisher is now known as STOP-FYRE® – The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher.

Today, STOP-FYRE® is an industry standard for agriculture and used in forestry across the nation. Manufactured in the U.S.A., STOP-FYRE®’s success is evident with more than 45 fire departments and hundreds of firefighters use and trust the product in their profession of saving lives and fighting fires. It has also seen wide acceptance as a safety standard by track officials, safety teams, and pit crews for motorsports organizations.

STOP-FYRE® is the most unique fire extinguisher on the market today. With 4 different models, this fire extinguisher can be used in a multitude of situations. STOP-FYRE® uses an environmentally-friendly clean extinguisher agent composed of liquefied gas. This means that when you use STOP-FYRE®, there’s no need to worry about damaging sensitive equipment and no mess to clean up later. The straightforward, easy operation features a pistol-grip handle and lightweight design that allows for the simplest way to put out fires. One of the most important features of STOP-FYRE® is that it is a multi-shot unit. What does this mean? Well, say you put out a small fire and still have some extinguisher agent left. You can refill it through our quick and easy refill process, or put it on the shelf to use later. We have a lifetime guarantee and your extinguisher will never expire or lose pressure. In addition to the unit, we also provide dust covers to keep out debris or insects that would otherwise impair other fire extinguishers. STOP-FYRE® is truly a one-of-a-kind fire extinguisher that gives our customers the ultimate benefit, peace of mind that they are protected by the World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher.

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