Is Your Farm at Risk for Fire?

Is Your Farm at Risk for Fire?

Farms and ranches are especially vulnerable to fire. The nature of the work done involves a wide variety of combustible materials from hay and grain, to petroleum fuels and machinery. Their location, outside city or other populated areas, means that firefighting services are more distant and response time is increased. The use of electrical systems also leads to fires from short circuits, damaged wiring and animal chewing of insulation. The way buildings are constructed is also an issue as barns feature large open areas where air can circulate and quickly increase fire intensity. However, providing an immediate response with STOP-FYRE is the surest way to prevent the loss of livestock, valuable employees and property. To help protect your farm from fire, we have compiled a list of the most important locations to have your STOP-FYRE for the most effective protection.   

inside of barn


STOP-FYRE should be placed where it is visible, accessible and marked clearly with a sign. For example, it can be placed near doors which allow for easy access and usage in case of a fire emergency. In the event of an emergency, a plan should be followed. If you don’t have a plan, create one. Be sure to always call 911 to report the fire first and if safe, use STOP-FYRE to put out the fire before it can spread.

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Fueling Areas

fueling machinery

An exterior STOP-FYRE should be placed where any refueling is done for vehicles and machinery. Farm machinery and vehicles should have an extinguisher on board as well. Many farm fires are caused by machinery. Sparks from ignition, leaks in fuel or lubricants, overheated exhaust systems or electrical system issues can all ignite a fire either immediately or later. In case of fire, machinery and vehicles should be parked or stored far from barn areas or other locations where any ignition could occur.

Storage Areas and Other Inflammable Materials

A visible and accessible STOP-FYRE should be stored near storage areas. Hay fires are among the most dangerous and intense, and manure pile fires can be just as severe. These areas should be carefully inspected daily for any smoldering or internal combustion. Fires in these areas can rapidly and easily spread.

manure pile and hay

Electrical and Power Sources

electrical fire

Electrical fires can occur from overloads, surges or damage to circuits. These fires are dangerous because they can be intense and must be fought with extinguishers that do not result in electric shock. A quick response with STOP-FYRE can save lives and property.

Farm and ranch fires are major tragedies. Livestock are lost, property damaged, and lives of employees and firefighters are put at risk. Regular inspections and maintenance, an emergency plan, and equipping yourself with STOP-FYRE will save lives and property when and if a fire happens.