July Dealer Spotlight: FM Distributing, Inc

July Dealer Spotlight: FM Distributing, Inc

All the hot days in July make us at AKE thank our lucky stars for air-conditioning. Which also makes us recognize this month’s Dealer Spotlight, FM Distributing, Inc. FM Distributing is a national distributor of enviro-safe refrigerants and STOP-FYRE products. FM Distributing knows all about diversification and provides a wide range of products that you will need when it gets too hot for you’re A/C to handle.

Geared toward using hydrocarbon technologies because of their energy savings and minimal effect on the environment, FM Distributing is a perfect match for AKE’s non-corrosive, no-mess extinguishers.  FM Distributing sells anything you would need for cooling, including STOP-FYRE extinguishers when things get a bit too hot.

Repairing and maintaining air conditioners on vehicles is an important practice for keeping parts in safe, working order. FM Distributing sells everything you would need for air conditioner maintenance from cars and trucks, to tractors and combines, and house and industry. Additionally, those are all the places you would need a STOP-FYRE extinguisher!

AKE and FM Distributing have been working together for 18 months, and couldn’t be happier about their collaboration. We are proud to work with such an environmentally conscious company that recognizes value in non-corrosive products.

FM Distributing President, Fran Mougey, had this to say about working with AKE:

“We are proud to be chosen by AKE to be the Master Dealer for North Dakota. We have been with the company for about 18 months now and have enjoyed telling everyone about STOP-FYRE and demonstrating their unique characteristics and design to countless people both in person and in advertisements.

FM Distributing has been doing business for many years directly with farmers and farm equipment dealerships. Our main products have been refrigerants for their air conditioners and the tools to help farmers do their own service work. Many dealers stock our products for resale as well. It seemed only fitting that adding STOP-FYRE, The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher, to our product line would be a winning move for everyone. This year we devoted two pages of our 2015 Product catalog to STOP-FYRE.”

This July, FM Distributing is offering a STOP-FYRE special! If you buy 5 standard units at regular price, you get one free AND get free shipping! You can call their toll free number 888-437-3280 to place your order.

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