June Dealer Spotlight: Papé Machinery

June Dealer Spotlight: Papé Machinery

We at AKE are so proud to welcome Pape Machinery to our family as our new STOP-FYRE dealer!

Pape is a fourth generation, family-owned business with 90 locations and over 2,000 employees, growing every day.

Not only in construction and forestry, but agriculture and turf as well, Pape spans multiple states including Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho. They are the West’s premier provider of capital equipment and proud providers of only the highest quality products and equipment.

Pape Machinery had this to say about our new partnership:

“The positive brand recognition that Pape and John Deere possess has been earned over generations and is a key to our success. That makes choosing other manufacturers to partner with even more important, their name is enhanced by the association and our reputation becomes tied to their product. With AKE, we are confident the product answers a real need for our customers and the quality will be there to back it up, a formula that will benefit us and our customers.”

At AKE we can only share in their confidence. As Vice-President of Sales, Adam Williams praises Pape’s commitment to professionalism and customer support, he remarks:

“What an exciting future for both of our organizations. Pape Machinery’s professionalism, dedication, and core values put AKE in a place of honor to be working with them. STOP-FYRE® – The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher® – will now be able to share in their shining reputation of bringing the best products and services to the Pacific Northwest. This relationship introduces AKE and STOP-FYRE® to new, potential customers to strengthen our combined commitment to the Agricultural industry and customers’ safety.”

We at AKE are ecstatic to be working with Pape and launching our products at eight different Pape locations, as well as looking forward to sponsoring Pape Days June 19-20. Be on the lookout for more information and pictures of the event in real time (with rumored beer garden!?)!

For more information on Pape Machinery you can visit them at these web locations:




For more information on Pape Days visit: http://www.papedays.com/