Man Saved Local Minnesota Restaurant with STOP-FYRE®

Man Saved Local Minnesota Restaurant with STOP-FYRE®
AKE Safety Equipment Dealer Development Specialist Larry Gram was working at the West Central Ag Show with local STOP-FYRE® dealer, John Derickson. Jim Swoboda, a farmer from the Redwood Falls area stopped by to ask how to refill his STOP-FYRE®. That’s when he shared his awesome story!
Jim was at Chumly’s Burger & Brew in Redwood Falls, MN for breakfast, when a worker rushed out of the kitchen. There was a grease fire in the kitchen! They asked him for help with the dry chemical fire extinguisher, because they didn’t know how it worked. Jim showed them how to pull the pin out, picked it up, pointed the nozzle at the fire, squeezed the handle, and…….nothing happened. The dry chemical extinguisher didn’t work at all*!
Thankfully, Jim remembered buying a bunch of STOP-FYRE® extinguishers at Farm Fest, thankful he kept one in his truck.
He quickly ran outside to grab it, and by the time he got back to the kitchen the flames had spread up to the kitchen ceiling! With only a few squirts of STOP-FYRE®, the fire was out!
After hearing Jim’s tale, Larry and John stopped at Chumly’s after the show on the way home to get the scoop from Ron Vagle, owner of Chumly’s. Ron was surprised at how fast STOP-FYRE® worked! He said all they had to do was wait for everything to cool down, wipe up the grease, and after about ten minutes Jim was enjoying a free breakfast.
Thank-you Jim Swoboda for your quick thinking and a great STOP-FYRE® story!
Jim Swoboda at the West Central Ag Show in WIlmar, MN (3/11/16)

Jim Swoboda at the West Central Ag Show in Willmar, MN (3/11/16)

Ron Vagle, owner of Chumly’s Burger and Brew in Redwood Falls, MN. (3/11/16)
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*While the dry chemical fire extinguisher was properly maintained, through no fault of the business, dry chemical extinguishers can often fail due to no fault of the parties involved.