More Than 20 Tractor Pulling Events throughout the Pacific Northwest Will Be Safer With New “Official Fire Extinguisher” Sponsorship

 More Than 20 Tractor Pulling Events throughout the Pacific Northwest Will Be Safer With New “Official Fire Extinguisher” Sponsorship

AKE Safety Equipment’s (AKE) STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguisher and North West Truck Pulls, LLC (NWTP) Team Up to Keep Tractor Pulling Events Safer for 2015 Tractor Pulling Season


Rochester, MN (AKE Safety Equipment (AKE)) March 25, 2015:

 NWTP tractor pulling names STOP-FYRE “Official Fire Extinguisher” for 2015:

In an ongoing effort to grow his tractor pulling organization while making it safer, Lin Hill of NWTP has sought AKE Safety Equipment’s STOP-FYRE as his events’ “Official Fire Extinguisher”. For the 2015 tractor pulling season, the STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher will be present at more than 20 events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Together, NWTP and AKE will enhance the safety of staff, competitors, and spectators while also introducing a new market to the STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher as an alternative to a traditional dry chemical fire extinguisher.


NWTP’s Lin Hill Speaks about STOP-FYRE’s advantages and the sponsorship:

“I am always looking for better safety equipment especially when it comes to fire suppression. The traditional dry chemical extinguishers do the job but the damage from the chemical is almost worse than the fire itself, so when I saw a commercial during one of the NTPA pull events, I was very interested and began researching the STOP-FYRE brand. During my investigation I found that AKE STOP-FYRE is an American based company which is very important to me. I also found that the company proudly displays that they are a Christian company as well. Last, but not at all the least important, is that the product works in such a way that it snuffs the fire very quickly without the use of messy dry chemicals and therefore minimizes the extent of the damage to just what the fire caused and in some cases allows the repair and use of the product again. I am also very impressed with the no hassle lifetime guarantee and the free shipping to get the unit repaired or refilled. Thank you AKE STOP-FYRE for the opportunity to represent your product and company in the North West.”


AKE’s President – Tracie Kozak – praises NWTP’s commitment to improving tractor pulling safety:

“Staff, contestants, and spectators should thank NWTP’s Lin Hill and his commendable efforts to grow his tractor pulling organization WHILE ensuring the best safety products and measures are in place for each event. While some are still good standards to go by, there are a few that have outlived their usefulness for tractor pulling. Modern events involve more costly, high-powered vehicles than ever before and a new level of fire danger has resulted. NWTP’s request to have STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers present at each tractor pulling event is very forward thinking and we are honored to help keep their 2015 season safe.”


See STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers in action:

STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers will be present at more than 20 tractor pulling events in more than 12 cities throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho during the 2015 season. Find their schedule and locations here:


6 additional motorsports organizations that trust STOP-FYRE:

  • National Tractor Pullers Association
  • Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals
  • Nebraska Bush Pullers
  • Illini State Pullers
  • Missouri State Tractor Pullers Association
  • Bungart Motorsports


Tractor Pulling Video Testimonial:

Hear Larry R. explain how STOP-FYRE puts out a fire that impresses the fire departments:


About AKE Companies, LLC:

AKE manufactures STOP-FYRE, The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher, and has been in business solving people’s fire safety problems since 1989. It all started in 1989, when a 19-year-old kid with a passion for fire safety sold his first fire extinguisher. Today, that kid, firefighter Allen Kronebusch, runs AKE Safety Equipment, the only firefighter owned, operated, and endorsed fire safety and fire extinguisher manufacturer in the country. As part of the company’s mission, AKE also provides FREE fire safety tips and education via social media, content on its website, and in print material.


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