October Dealer Spotlight: The Derickson’s

October Dealer Spotlight: The Derickson’s

October brings the start of the Fall season, harvest time, and the pumpkin spice takeover. It also brings AKE’s October Dealer Spotlight! This month we are proud to feature John and Brenda Derickson of Lamberton, MN. Working as corn and soybean farmers they are no strangers to farm life, or farm fires. Farming isn’t the only thing that keeps this family busy! They also work a steel roofing business and remodel houses.

John and Brenda, the hardworking duo, became dealers in August 2014 after seeing the impressive power and value of STOP-FYRE.  They decided to become a STOP-FYRE dealer to help their county and neighbors avoid the high costs that come with a fire.

While harvest season has kept them busy, John and Brenda still find ways to help fellow farmers get fire protection with AKE STOP-FYRE. Initiating a benefit with Redwood Co. Insurance, they were able to get farmers additional savings for purchasing STOP-FYRE to protect their investments.

John hopes that farmers “will be protected from fire and hopefully [have] less claims for the insurance company” when they purchase STOP-FYRE.

At AKE, we are so proud of the Derickson’s efforts to bring fire safety to their area. Their commitment and concern for their fellow farmers is heartwarming, and we look forward to their continued work with AKE.

You can contact John and Brenda Derickson at: blderickson@gmail.com