Farmer Saves Round Baler with STOP-FYRE®

Farmer Saves Round Baler with STOP-FYRE®

In the grand scheme of things, fire safety often gets pushed to the back of our minds. We never really worry about fire until it happens to us, or realize how vulnerable we are until something that was supposed to protect us doesn’t work. Sam Allgyer learned that lesson well. As a dairy farmer in Pennsylvania, he farms and raises dairy cows.When Sam first saw STOP-FYRE®, it was in his friend’s shop. When his friend told him how much he paid for it, Sam was shocked and thought he would never own a STOP-FYRE® extinguisher, it was just too much! Sam would quickly take back those words, but that comes later in the story.

About a month after seeing STOP-FYRE® for the first time, Sam was out in his field working the round baler. He kept feeling like something behind him was getting hotter and hotter. He checked the baler, and found it was on fire! Due to a strong south wind, the fire quickly escalated. Sam rushed to grab the 10 lbs dry chemical he rightly kept on the machine to extinguish the growing flames. Sam squeezed the handle, but nothing happened!

Rushing, he detached the 6 horses pulling the baler to get them away from the spreading flames and ran towards home and to the barn. Sam loaded up 5 or 6 more dry chemical extinguishers and raced back to the burning round baler. One after another, the dry chemical extinguishers failed to spray any powder onto the flames. One extinguisher let out a promising hissss, but still nothing happened to smother the flames

Sam could do nothing but stand and watch as his $30,000 machine was engulfed in flames and burned to the ground.

Rightfully so, Sam was nervous to buy a new baler only to potentially have it burn down as well. He then remembered the phrase “World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®” and started looking into STOP-FYRE®. Sam got in contact with Benj Miller from Buck Hill Fencer and purchased STOP-FYRE®. Just 2 weeks later Sam was back baling stalks and working with his 15 yr old brother-in-law. His brother accidentally set a bale down on the exhaust, and once again the baler ignited. With STOP-FYRE® within reach, it only took one quick shot of the clean agent and the fire was out. “This made me a true believer” Sam said.

Two months later Sam decided to call our VP of Sales, Rick Saar, and was set up as an Independent STOP-FYRE® Dealer.

Talking with Sam, he had a lot to say about fire safety in the farm community:

“Lots of people don’t even know about STOP-FYRE®,” Sam said, “I learned so many interesting things about fire extinguishers and fire safety working with AKE. A lot of people like me only used their dry chemical extinguishers as big red decorations, never really looking or checking them. I want to help educate people in my community about fire safety and STOP-FYRE®.”

Sam is now one of our newest dealers to the AKE family and we could not be happier about working with him.

At AKE Safety Equipment, we don’t shy away or hide from our prices. We offer a premium product that actually saves you money over time. Visit our website, social media pages, or call us at (888) 673-4734 to find out just how awesome STOP-FYRE® is. *Image does not represent actual fire.