STOP-FYRE® – Saving Your Back

STOP-FYRE® – Saving Your Back
STOP-FYRE® – Saving Your Back

Jeff Tuma of Montgomery, MN has STOP-FYRE® now, which is a good thing. This year at Farmfest, Jeff told us how he used STOP-FYRE® to save his backhoe.

“If I could tell people anything,” Jeff said, “it would be to invest in fire protection. It might be more money, but it’s worth it, especially if you don’t do regular maintenance on your farm machinery.”

Watching farm equipment burn really brings down your day. Jeff knows this all too well when his backhoe caught on fire.

“We were using a skid loader to clean up our fields and burn some trees and brush. It was a bit breezy that day and some sparks were flying around. I was on the backhoe moving things around. Looking back over my left shoulder, and I saw smoke coming out of the engine compartment. I jumped out of the seat and opened up the hatch. There were flames way up in the engine but wouldn’t be able to reach them without STOP-FYRE®. I used my Standard STOP-FYRE® and, with a couple of shots, the fire was gone! I thought the fire would re-ignite with all the corn stalks and oil in the machine, but it didn’t even flare up.”

Jeff already had experience with fire on his farm. A number of years ago he had a small fire and tried to use a dry chemical extinguisher on it. “Tried”, being the keyword. The extinguisher didn’t work at all!

Jeff first saw AKE Safety Equipment and STOP-FYRE® at the North American Farm and Power Show in Owatonna, MN. “I saw the demo and how STOP-FYRE® was drawn to the fire. It was amazing” Jeff said. He wondered about buying it at the time but decided to wait. Then, last year, he saw AKE again at Farmfest. That’s when he decided to buy a bunch of STOP-FYRE® and place them around his farm.

You can watch Jeff talk about using STOP-FYRE® HERE.

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