STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguishers Gear Up To Protect More Than 50 New Power-Stroking, Heavy-Hauling Tractor Pulling Engines In 2015

STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguishers Gear Up To Protect More Than 50 New Power-Stroking, Heavy-Hauling Tractor Pulling Engines In 2015

Carolina Truck and Tractor Pullers (CTTP) Honors STOP-FYRE with 7th ‘Official Fire Extinguisher’ Motorsports Sponsorship Title


Rochester, MN (AKE Safety Equipment (AKE)) March 24, 2015:

In a growing list of “Official Fire Extinguisher” sponsorships, STOP-FYRE has been given this newest honor by CTTP ( for the 2015 truck and tractor pulling season. CTTP now joins an esteemed group of motorsports groups that choose STOP-FYRE to protect their spectators, staff, and contestants.


Other Motorsports Groups That Use STOP-FYRE:
• National Tractor Pullers Association (
• Nebraska Bush Pullers (
• Illini State Pullers (
• Bungart Motorsports (
• Missouri State Tractor Pullers Association (
• Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals (
• North West Truck Pulls, LLC (


CTTP’s Logan Thomas remarks:
“All of our competitors work hard, and pour their hearts and souls into their vehicles. Knowing the risks that any motorsport presents, they trust our officials and safety crews to protect them as well as their investments. After seeing a STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher in action, my first thought was ‘wow, we gotta have these things.’ Contestants, officials, and spectators can rest assured that any fire will be brought under control quickly with STOP-FYRE extinguishers track-side at all Carolina Truck and Tractor Pullers events.”


AKE’s Owner and CEO – Allen Kronebusch – reflects:
“Having CTTP reach out to us is monumental in today’s noisy, crowded market. The CTTP is an outstanding motorsports organization that understands the importance of fire safety and fire extinguishers. When we are asked again and again to be an organization’s ‘Official Fire Extinguisher’, it humbles and inspires me to work even harder to continue making The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher AND never stop working to improve STOP-FYRE. We appreciate everyone’s trust.”


AKE’s VP of Sales – Adam Williams – adds:
“Rising demand for AKE’s premium fire extinguishers has granted exposure to audiences much like CTTP’s. We know the draw for these organizations is STOP-FYRE’s non-corrosive advantage and multi-shot effectiveness. They see it work, they believe in it, and they request STOP-FYRE to be present at every event. Consequently, STOP-FYRE becomes their standard in fire safety. Who can ignore support like that? We are very pleased to work with CTTP and look forward to a positive 2015 for both organizations.”


See STOP-FYRE in action:
STOP-FYRE will be present and used by track officials at 16 events in 14 cities throughout North Carolina and Virginia during the 2015 season. More than 50 pulling vehicles in several different classes participate in the season, featuring street, stock, and modified pulling trucks and tractors. Find their schedule and locations here:


About AKE Companies, LLC:
AKE manufactures STOP-FYRE, The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher, and has been in business solving people’s fire safety problems since 1989. It all started in 1989, when a 19-year-old kid with a passion for fire safety sold his first fire extinguisher. Today, that kid, firefighter Allen Kronebusch, runs AKE Safety Equipment, the only firefighter owned, operated, and endorsed fire safety and fire extinguisher manufacturer in the country. As part of the company’s mission, AKE also provides FREE fire safety tips and education via social media, content on its website, and in print material.


Puller Video Testimonial:
Harold Phipps, of The National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA), shares his STOP-FYRE experience:


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