STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguishers Renew Safeguards on More Than 20 “Show-Me-State” Tractor Pulling Events in 2015

STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguishers Renew Safeguards on More Than 20 “Show-Me-State” Tractor Pulling Events in 2015

At Least 9 Points Cited as Reasons for Missouri State Tractor Pulling Association (MSTPA) Bringing STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguishers Back to Missourian Tractor Pulling Events in 2015


Rochester, MN (AKE Safety Equipment (AKE)) March 25, 2015:


MSTPA renames STOP-FYRE “Official Fire Extinguisher” for 2015:

For the 2nd year in a row, MSTPA, Missouri’s premier tractor pulling organization, seeks to be aligned with the best in fire suppression. The re-signing of this sponsorship agreement between AKE and MSTPA will ensure that staff members, hundreds of pulling teams, and thousands of fans will again be protected for the 2015 truck and tractor pulling season. The organization is excited to be working with STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers, once again.


MSTPA’s President – Mike McCoy – comments on the renewed sponsorship:

“Having AKE’s ‘The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher’ – with its fast-acting and non-corrosive advantages – keeps our pullers safe and their equipment clean. When a fire happens, a quick response to the fire is needed. STOP-FYRE’s multi-shot, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use design allows for that.”


MSTPA’s Vice President – Danny Brockhaus – mirrors Mike’s sentiments:

“With STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers – which seek out and blanket fires – back for another season, I feel at ease knowing our pulls will again be safe. Their ability to go without yearly or monthly service also has a positive impact on our busy schedule.”


AKE’s Director of Marketing – Patrick Smith – applauds MSTPA’s commitment to safety:

“These professional safety staff members and motorsports leaders could go to other vendors and suppliers for their fire extinguishers. However, MSTPA understands the value of a no-mess, clean-agent, fast, and effective fire extinguisher. It is commendable that professionals like Mike and Danny seek the best for their events to ensure the safety of their contestants, staff, and spectators. Their knowledge of fire safety products means they have sought out a product that can extinguish a fire and not damage their pullers’ vehicles. These gentlemen represent the future of fire safety wisdom in tractor pulling and we look forward to a positive 2015 with MSTPA.”


STOP-FYRE interest within professional motorsports rising:

MSTPA’s sponsorship marks the 4th renewal amongst 7 total motorsports sponsorships for AKE’s STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers. The sponsorships range from truck and tractor pulling groups to monster truck car smashing and off-roading events throughout the nation.


See STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers in action:

STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers will be present at more than 20 tractor pulling events throughout Missouri and Kansas during the 2015 season. Find their schedule and locations here:


Tractor Pulling Video Testimonial:

Watch Earl W. share his experience with STOP-FYRE:


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