Summer is Tractor Pulling Season!

Summer is Tractor Pulling Season!

Tractor pulling is a competitive motor sport that is based on horsepower and torque. The sport got its start in the 1950’s and has grown in popularity and technology since that time. Modified farm tractors drag a metal sled along a prescribed course. The tractor that goes the farthest with the most weight wins. Sometimes, the winners are decided between one hundredth of an inch. Tractor pulling season runs from May through October at county fairs and official motorways. The tractors in a tractor pull have modified engines, mechanical systems and tires in order to have haul up to 65,000 pounds on the sled. There are strict guidelines about the tractor pulling course during the competition. If you leave the pre-set course, you could be disqualified.

Tractor pulling can be a dangerous sport. The engines are under a tremendous amount of pressure. As more weight is added to the sled, the engines work harder and harder until they ultimately shut off. Sometimes engine fires and tractor rollovers can occur during a tractor pull. There are now many safety features built into the tractors to help protect them from fire damage or injury to the driver including fire extinguishers in the tractor cabs, specially built cages, rolling bars and special brakes.

The National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) was created in 1969 to establish tractor pulling rules and give the sport a structure. This is the premiere organization for truck and tractor pulling. They also sponsor the National Tractor Pullers Association Championship Pulling Circuit. The Championship Circuit is sponsored by Case IH, Mobile Delvae, United Soybean Board, MAC Trailer,  STOP-FYRE by AKE Safety Equipment and other sponsors.

STOP-FYRE by AKE Safety Equipment and STOP-FYRE was recently named the official fire extinguisher for NTPA for the 3rd year in a row. NTPA officials and tractor pullers alike agree that the non-corrosive chemicals in a STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher helps to reduce the cost of repairs from residue of dry chemical fire extinguishers that can destroy the motor of tractors. Because of its size, the STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher can fit inside the tractor cab making it readily accessible to the driver. Putting out an engine fire in a tractor as soon as possible will help reduce costly repairs.

AKE will be at the Bowling Green, Ohio National Tractor Pulling Championship August 16th through 18th in Bowling Green, Ohio and at the DeKalb County Fair NTPA Grand Nationals in Sandwich, IL on September 7th. AKE and it’s owner, Allen Kronebusch, are very proud to be a sponsor of NTPA and the National Tractor Pulling Championships. AKE is our honored to bring fire safety to tractor pulling.