The #1 NEW Hot Seller from AKE Safety Equipment – High Capacity STOP- FYRE® Fire Extinguisher –– The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®

The #1 NEW Hot Seller from AKE Safety Equipment – High Capacity STOP- FYRE® Fire Extinguisher –– The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®

AKE Safety Equipment’s High Capacity STOP-FYRE® Now the NEW Standard in Fire Extinguishers

The NEW High Capacity STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher is the latest development by AKE Safety Equipment and is the result of combining, then enhancing, the DNA of two older models of STOP-FYRE®. The NEW High Capacity extinguisher still uses an effective, clean agent – just like the Standard and Premium models before it. While the handle maintains STOP-FYRE®’s easy-to-use design, the High Capacity’s additional features bring many of its own benefits to its customers that will leave a legacy of its own.

If there is a question as to why the NEW High Capacity STOP-FYRE® extinguisher was developed, customers’ mindsets can help answer that question. They believe in preparation for inevitable fires and demand the VERY best fire extinguisher, with the most Fire Fighting Power possible – without being bulky and heavy. The High Capacity STOP-FYRE® is AKE’s solve to that issue.

STOP-FYRE® – Now Resistant to Cow-Hooves

The NEW, IMPROVED STOP-FYRE® fire extinguishers have been taken to a higher level of toughness with their redesigned canisters – and the High Capacity is no exception. This new toughness, rated at 850 psi burst strength, means it surpasses (by more than 3 TIMES) the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requirement of 270 psi in order to become “2Q” rated. Our canister was re-designed to be tougher than what the D.O.T. requires because we know our customers need the toughest, most effective fire extinguisher available! This means customers will have confidence that their STOP-FYRE® extinguisher can handle potential fire emergencies that will occur in the most demanding and rugged environments. In the words of AKE’s CEO and Founder Allen Kronebusch, “Our new can is so tough, a half-ton cow could step on one and it will not burst!”

New Design Means More Room

Thanks to this new canister design, with a larger size, there is an ability to fill them with more extinguishing agent. This allowed for the creation of the High Capacity STOP-FYRE® – which has 2.3 times the Fire Fighting Power of the Standard STOP-FYRE® and 7 times the Fire Fighting Power of the Mini STOP-FYRE®. This grants anyone using a High Capacity MUCH more safety to put between themselves and a fire hazard.

Deep Recession Leads to Standard Gauges

These revamped canisters have also allowed for the inclusion of a deeply recessed pressure gauge in the bottom of each of the NEW Standard and High Capacity STOP-FYRE® fire extinguishers. This feature, in addition to included inspection tags, makes it much easier for an inspector to quickly determine that the extinguisher is in a pressurized state. Not to mention the recessing of the pressure gauge makes it less likely to be damaged or knocked off while bouncing or rolling around in someone’s vehicle or while being used.

Relatively Small Footprint Equals Simpler Handling and Storing

The High Capacity STOP-FYRE® weighs in at just 4.83 lbs., stands a compact 12.5 inches tall, and is only 3 inches wide at the base with a 6 inch handle-width at the top. All features that make it much easier to handle, store, and carry when compared to more bulky, heavy, and hard-to-handle traditional extinguishers. All the improved STOP-FYRE® extinguishers still ship with an easy to install mounting bracket. This continues the tradition of quick and hassle-free mounting of STOP-FYRE® in high-visibility areas to be located fast in emergency situations.

New “Keep Out” Cap Keeps Extinguishers Working

To “top” it all off, field testing and customer feedback led to the development of a new, standard extinguisher cap that comes on each handheld STOP-FYRE®. Fitting snuggly over the valve and handle, the cap keeps out debris, dirt, and bugs from clogging the valve – all of which could prevent the extinguisher from working properly.

AKE Safety Equipment – The People Behind STOP-FYRE® – The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®

AKE Safety Equipment is the only firefighter owned and operated fire extinguisher company. In 1989, a kid named Allen Kronebusch started selling fire extinguishers. The passionate, young entrepreneur wanted to create a business whose sole focus was in that direction.

STOP-FYRE® is an industry standard for tractor pull competitions and associations such as the National Tractor Pullers Association, Nebraska Bush Pullers, Missouri State Tractor Pullers, Carolina Truck and Tractor Pulls, North West Truck Pulls, and the Illini State Pullers. All of these organizations use STOP-FYRE® fire extinguishers and the list does not end with these supporters. Thousands of farmers and businesses across the country rely on STOP-FYRE® fire extinguishers, as do members of Lucas Oil’s Monster Truck Nationals. STOP-FYRE® even comes highly recommended by many fire departments nationwide.

AKE Safety Equipment stands apart from others in the industry because of its people. Customers do not speak with a voice on a phone only – they are also met by field representatives that work hard to exceed their customer expectations in service and satisfaction. As one farmer says about the people at AKE, “My sales rep was out here the same day. That’s as good as customer service gets.”

Allen Kronebusch and the staff at AKE believe in one thing and that comes from the mouth of Allen himself, “Our customers know that they can trust us with their lives and livelihoods.”

The High Capacity, New Standard, and the other IMPROVED STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher are the result of that belief. The people at AKE Safety Equipment believe in improving obsessively.