Fire is a Real Turbine Killer

Fire is a Real Turbine Killer

Fires and Wind Power

Fires are a real threat to Wind Power projects across the Nation. Research estimates a fire occurs every month on these tall sources of renewable energy. When that loss occurs, a loss in downtime and assets can total over $2 million. Not to mention a loss in life is possible if maintenance workers are not fully prepared or take the proper precautions.

A carefully thought out and well-rehearsed fire safety plan is crucial to offsetting some of these losses. Another crucial part of offsetting these losses is the installation and use of fire suppression technologies and practices. There are several options available, so it is important to consider your options and what best fits your needs.

Consider AKE Safety Equipment’s STOP-FYRE® as your first choice in fire suppression. Headquartered in Rochester, MN, AKE manufacturers and sells a multi-shot, ultra-portable, highly-efficient, and clean-agent fire extinguisher known as STOP-FYRE®. It has a lifetime guarantee and comes built in the USA. In fact, it has been called “The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®” by many of its users because of how proven its effectiveness has been.

Top 5 Benefits of STOP-FYRE®:

1. Time and Cost Saving

STOP-FYRE® has been designed to require little to no maintenance monthly or yearly. If fixed or portable extinguishers are used in Wind Power projects, they are required to be in operable condition. STOP-FYRE® greatly reduces the manpower and time needed to maintain your fire extinguishing equipment.

2. More Effective Fire Fightin

STOP-FYRE® was engineered so that in difficult to reach areas or blocked off spaces it still has a fighting chance. The agent itself can be sprayed in the vicinity of a fire and since the gas expands rapidly, it will seek it out and extinguish it. This would be very useful in the cramped Nacelles of a wind turbine.

3. No Mess / Less Damage

STOP-FYRE®’s extinguishing agent is a special blend of liquefied gases that are non-corrosive and leave no residue behind. That means the only mess to clean up is the damage from the fire and, unlike dry chemical units, the agent will not sit and corrode anything it touches. With the expensive internal components found on most wind turbines, this is a great advantage.

4. Ultra-Portable

STOP-FYRE®’s size and weight allow it to be carried either in a holster, in a hand, or even in a bag. Its compact size lightweight features enable a person to have it on their person even while working in tight quarters like those found in wind turbines. it can also be mounted on a bracket in many places that will accept mounting screws.

5. Peace-of-Mind

STOP-FYRE® also has automatic fixed system fire suppression options that require no power to operate. That allows for truly round-the-clock fire protection that is not dependent on power to work. These systems can be customized to the needs of each customer and situation.

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