STOP-FYRE® Written Customer Reviews And Testimonials

STOP-FYRE® users often send us written testimonials telling us how STOP-FYRE® has helped protect their homes, equipment, and lives. These written customer testimonials reinforce why we created STOP-FYRE®: to help people protect themselves from the devastating effects of fire.

Written Testimonials

“While working inside of our machine shop, our staff suddenly smelled something. When they looked over, they noticed that a tractor parked outside spontaneously caught on fire. They ran to grab STOP-FYRE® and, even though they couldn't see the fire given that it was down in the engine, the compact size of STOP-FYRE® allowed them to put out the fire with a few sprays. We are thankful for STOP-FYRE® since the tractor was next to a gas tank. We would have lost our tractor, the shop, and our entire equipment.”

Maggie HillMissouri

“We had a fire inside the console of our payloader. Thankfully the vapors went inside and behind the panel and extinguished the fire.”

Glenn R.Iowa

“We had a fire in the feed accelerator in the rotary combine. I opened the rock trap to put the fire out. STOP-FYRE® worked great!”

Joe J.Pennsylvania

“I walked in this general market fuel store and their fryer caught fire (grease fire). They were panicking and I ran to the car, got STOP-FYRE®, and in 3 squirts the fire was out. They made chicken all day.”

Mike R.Ohio

“I started a fence-line controlled burn and used the AKE [extinguisher] to put out the fire at the appropriate time and it worked fine – as expected.”

Dean H.Illinois

“My microwave is directly above the stove. I removed a plastic plate cover from the microwave and set it on a burner, which I mistakenly thought was cold. BIG MISTAKE! The plastic plate cover caught fire displaying small flames. I immediately turned on the fan, which was directly above the burner, to take away the black smoke. At first I thought that the flames would go out but I grabbed my AKE, which was less than three feet away, and sprayed. Within a few seconds the fire was out, with minimal residue left from the spray and no damage except melted plastic. I am SO GLAD that I bought the AKE extinguishers three years ago! They are another form of “insurance” for my most valuable possession: my home! But unlike homeowners insurance, which is reactive, high-quality fire extinguishers PREVENT catastrophe.”

Barbara S.Pennsylvania

“It is a feeling of security to know my home is protected by AKE products. Also, the prompt refill service is great!”

R. YoderUnknown

“The AKE STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher saved my pickup.

In April of 2015 we were unrolling some drainage tile with our 1 TON Ford pickup. All of a sudden we noticed a fire on the ground, looked up, and it was under the pickup. It was an oil fire and smoke was starting to pour out under the hood. We quickly grabbed the STOP-FYRE® extinguisher from the back seat of the pickup and started attacking the fire. We remember Allen’s advice on how to fight an engine fire and started using short bursts under the engine before we opened the hood. A few short bursts and the fire seemed to be out. We carefully lifted the hood and gave the fire a few more short bursts in the engine compartment. The fire was out, but then came back, it was an oil fire, but just a couple more short bursts and that was the end of the fire.

We had the pickup towed to the dealership for repair. The cause of the fire was a wiring problem around the starter and that got hot and started the fire. It got hot enough to start a transmission line on fire and that is where the oil was coming from. If we did not have the STOP-FYRE® extinguisher we would have lost the pickup completely. We only used about 2/3 of the fire extinguisher and we were impressed how quickly it put out the oil fire around the engine. The STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher is the only fire extinguisher I would want to use on any fire.


A. Hart, Hart Farms”

Hart FarmsElgin, MN

“We purchased these extinguishers about two years ago. On November 15th, 2015, our corn dryer started on fire. These extinguishers were used and the fire was put out quickly and without mess. The fire department wasn’t even needed. We will definitely be getting these refilled and have them on hand at all times. The AKE STOP-FYRE® extinguishers are just like described – snuffs out the fires without mess.”

J. HoffmanDowning, WI

“Used on burn barrel oil fire – worked great.”

D JohnsonOto, IA

“Combine bearing went out – started a fire. I saved the combine with this product!!”

J. PollertSeymour, IN

“We really like these extinguishers. They can be used many times without re-charging. I’ve used it on an engine fire with oil and sawdust clinging to the engine and all it took was a couple, little squirts and the fire was out. We keep them handy when doing welding where there’s any fire hazard. Thank you very much for a good product.”

J. H. MastWadena, MN

“Used to put out 2 combine corn head fires. Worked great, no mess, was back at work within an hour.”

S. FrankBird Island, MN

“I purchased 2 units as part of a package deal with a friend at the Farm Show in Kansas City, MO in 2012.

This one that needs refilling was on our 2008 Uplander. My children were driving near St. Louis when they came on the scene of a vehicle beside the road in flames. They stopped and helped get luggage, etc. out while my oldest son grabbed the extinguisher and tried to put out the fire. He succeeded on the second try. It was early morning and still dark so they didn’t know how much damage was done to the vehicle.”

J. CoblentzWeatherby, MO

“Grass caught fire around our burn barrel. It started it into the tree line and we could not stomp the fire out fast enough. We used the STOP-FYRE® extinguisher with great success. Thanks!”

B. QuamElk Point, SD

“We were unaware that we had a bad chimney in our woodworking shop until we smelled smoke. Upon checking it out, there were flames that started on a 2×4. A few blasts of the STOP-FYRE® put it out and saved the building. In the house, an oil stove started burning wild. Again a few shots from the STOP-FYRE® put the fire out instantly. it was definitely a good investment.”

E. GingerichCresco, IA

“Had a baler on fire and it put it out quickly!”

S. VanderoolDoon, IA

“Used on a round baler – the bearing got hot and we put it out. Shot 1/2 to 1/3 of a STOP-FYRE® and it was out. It worked!”

T. BoiseMorristown, MN

“We turned the grill on and grease on it caught fire. We kept the lid shut and it smoldered hot. STOP-FYRE® helped!”

Ag HorizonGothenburg, NE


We had our 600 quad-track pulling a manure applicator down the highway from one job to another in the middle of the night, when the cornstalks from the field and the friction and heat of the tracks started on fire. We were able to stop and put the fire out with one extinguisher, but when we started to try to clean the ash and stalks out of the rubber track, it started back up, and we used a half of another extinguisher. We were thankful they worked.

Thanks for a great extinguisher!”

M. FehrWest Bend, IA

“The top of our grain leg caught on fire. Thanks to the STOP-FYRE®, we had no one injured and didn’t need the fire department. The one thing the guys really liked was that there was no powder flashback like regular extinguishers.”

K. DerckAntwerp, OH

“We purchased AKE STOP-FYRE® extinguishers in the last year. Our Operations Specialist’s truck’s underside caught fire, due to a mass of cut ditch weeds wrapping around the drive-shaft under his vehicle. Upon realizing that the fire was dangerously close to the gas tank, he grabbed his old dry chemical extinguisher. It didn’t work – wouldn’t even spray. So, he dug through his truck to locate the AKE STOP-FYRE® extinguisher (still in the box). With one quick spray, the fire was out!”

Kingbrook Rural WaterArlington, SD

“Used on combine – the shaft and bearing smoldered overnight. My sons used it and saved the combine.”

L.R. ILake Norden, SD

“Used one unit. Had a fire in the corn dryer. STOP-FYRE® worked excellent. It worked really well because the fire was inside and we had to squirt it through the screen.”

Mark T.Groton, SD

“I had a J.D. 9500 combine fire. It started up in the engine compartment with flames coming up about three feet. I took the STOP-FYRE® extinguisher and it put it out. I was able to finish combining, with just a few wires damaged.”

David B.Hazel Green, WI

“We had a propane fire in the house and it was real hot. We would have definitely lost our house, or half of it, if we had waited until the fire company would have come, had we not had that fire extinguisher. We only had a small spot on the ceiling and the side of the door from the fire.”

R. YoderBelleville, PA

“While using a cutting torch alone  at the mill, a fire started from dirt and oil in the engine. I ran for H20. Forgot for a split second that we had extinguishers. I used two extinguishers and was really impressed. No damage and no cleanup.”

Abraham B.Augusta, WI

“All I can say is – “amazing”!

I had a major electrical fire on my compressor and all I used was 2 little squirts and it sucked the fire right out. Even though the motor was shot the clean-up cost and potential damage to the surrounding area was non-existent.

Thanks again Barret! This unit actually saved me money!”

John and Stacy A. (LaMoille Auto Care Center)LaMoille, IL

“In 1990 I purchased a STOP-FYRE®; extinguisher. After having it for approximately 10 years, I used it in my shop to put out a skid loader fire. This could have burned down my entire building, but thankfully STOP-FYRE®; worked instantly. When AKE’s representative approached me in 2010, I decided to purchase 4 additional units. I have simply never seen a better fire extinguisher.”

Scott H.Altura, MN

“Thanks for the great product.  Due to extremely dry conditions this fall [2011], chaff and dust were a big problem during harvest.  On a windy afternoon I got a whiff of smoke in my combine and knew right away I was in trouble.  I had a fire going in the engine compartment on my combine.  The fire department was called, but I was able to get the fire out with my AKE STOP-FYRE® extinguisher and save my combine.  If I had to wait for the fire truck to arrive it would have been too late.  I was back combining in an hour instead of calling around looking for a new combine.”

Brian J.Winnebago, MN

“I want the best at the best price.  When I saw how it worked before I left [my sales rep’s] office, I owned five units.  Why did I buy STOP-FYRE®?  Because I own the best.  To me, STOP-FYRE® is just like owning a Matthew’s bow.  I wanted to take advantage of the deal because I heard it might go away.  I plan to now become a dealer because they are only allowing a limited number of dealers.”

Eddie G.Readstown, WI

“I used them on a combine fire this last fall. Glad I had them as I was able to put the fire out enough until the fire department arrived and was combining again the next day. I am well satisfied with your product.”

Darren D.Freeman, SD

“A neighbor drove his JD 4830 sprayer in my yard. I noticed smoke or steam coming out from under his hood. He raised the hood, to his surprise he had a fire. Birds or something had built a nest of corn leaves and grass on the exhaust manifold. We grabbed one of the AKE extinguishers and got it out in short order. I am well pleased with how fast it worked.”

James L.Marion, IA

“I want to let you know how happy we are with our investment of your product. I had a motor fire of sawdust and diesel fuel twice. The first time…in two blasts, it was out. My first shot was more off center of fire than second shot – I hit center and it had no choice that round. Thank you. The reason I like your product is, it can be used more than once from the same can! It works immediately. Thanks again.”

Jonas B.Augusta, WI

“I purchased three of the AKE fire extinguishers and I’m very happy with them. Last November I had my diesel engine running when one of my lines melted, which caused a fire to start under my motor. I tried to get the fire out, but it only got worse. I ran for the fire extinguisher and with one shot the fire was out and stayed out. I heard people say this kind does not work on the outside where there is plenty of draft. Not true. My motor was out in the open with no roof or sides. No mess! No loss! Great investment!”

Harley Y.Utica, MN

“My father, brother, and I are partners and when our sales rep tried to sell us STOP-FYRE®; we gave him every excuse we could think of not to buy. We thought they were too expensive to purchase – my goodness. $500 for a fire extinguisher! How did we know if the company would be around long enough to honor their guarantee? So many others have promised so much, but not delivered. AND we had never had a fire on our farm. I just couldn’t see spending money on something we may never use. Fortunately, our sales rep was persistent enough to stick with us until we bought. This last fall 2010, and we had two fires on our combine – our first during bean harvest and the second during corn. After using STOP-FYRE®;, I believe it is worth every penny. We may have spent $1,500 on fire extinguishers, but we saved a $400,000 combine and I believe that is the cheapest insurance I have ever bought.”

Chris R.Elgin, MN

“I purchased two fire extinguishers for our farm operation in the summer of 2010. I was carrying one of the extinguishers in the combine this spring as we were combining soybeans. It was a very windy day when I noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. I stopped the combine and jumped out with the fire extinguisher with me. Debris, wood chips, and soybean dust were getting hot – probably from sparks in the engine. Smoke was pouring out of the engine area. I immediately used the fire extinguisher to put out the sparks and smoke. My combine was saved.”

Dennis K.Manly, IA

“After seeing STOP-FYRE® in action, I can’t imagine owning anything else to protect my farm and machinery.”

Dave S.Farmer & NTPA CEO

“The #1 reason I purchased 11 STOP-FYRE® units for my farm is simple – I don’t want to have to shake them each month or have then serviced every year. This saves me precious time and money. STOP-FYRE® is hassle free and over time will more than pay for itself.”

Justin F.Kensett, IA

“Thank you for sending the fire extinguishers. They arrived the day after I ordered them. Enclosed is the payment. It was a pleasure to do business with your company. I hope we never have to use the extinguishers, but if we do, we feel we have the best product available. P.S. It was nice to have a person answer the phone when I called and not an automated system.”

Jane K.Earlville, IA

“I bought my first STOP-FYRE® unit in 1991. In 1992 I used it to put out a fire in my corn dryer. A few years later I used the same unit to put out a fire on my combine. I never needed to service this unit at all – it just put out the fire when I needed it to – TWICE. Because of the quality, in 2010 I put in another 8 large units in all my machinery, trucks, and buildings. STOP-FYRE® saved me many thousands and significant downtime.”

Dave G.Racine, MN

“Only two weeks after I purchased my STOP-FYRE® units, my forklift had a propane leak and caught on fire in my shed containing more than $500,000 work of corn and soybean seed. We used the STOP-FYRE® unit and before you could say “out”, the fire was out. This fire could have destroyed my entire machine shop and 7,000 bags of seed. I have since recommended this product to my friends.”

Steve H.Spring Valley, MN

“Just a few lines on these AKE fire extinguishers…A couple of weeks ago on a very windy Sunday evening, we discovered our chimney was burning with fire and sparks shooting out. So we took this AKE fire extinguisher and shot in about 3 to 5 shots and it immediately shut down. We felt very lucky to have them on hand as it was burning pretty hot. $500 sounds like a lot of money, but to think about losing our house and barn combination full of horses, $500 doesn’t look like much. An investment we don’t regret.”

Menno M.St. Charles, MN

“We went out with a tractor and disk to start disking stuff down. We got hot embers on the back of the tractor because it piled up on the back. So I hopped on my brother’s 4-wheeler and grabbed that fire extinguisher, and I went out there to ride behind the tractors to make sure they weren’t going to have any problems because if you get a fire on the back of a tractor, you want to get it out.
After we got the stuff disked down and made sure the tractors were ok, me and another guy took the 4-wheeler and decided to ride alongside of the bean field to make sure there are no hot spots starting. We headed down along a stretch of beans and came across a spot that was about 3-4 feet in diameter that was burning again. I was just getting into the edge of the beans. We hopped off the 4-wheeler and ran over with a shovel and fire extinguisher and he starts scratching stuff to the center.
It was about two rows into the bean field and I took the extinguisher and made two sweeps and it snuffed it right out. This was in about 30-35 mph wind. I’m pretty impressed. We stuck around to watch the edges to make sure all the embers snuffed out. It knocked it down instantly. I was impressed with that kind of wind. I rode back with that little extinguisher on the floor of the 4-wheeler and the Fire Chief said, “What are you doing with that little thing?” and I told him, “I just put out a 3-4 foot diameter fire. By the time you would have gotten over there, the whole field would have been on fire.”.
It costs $500, but when you’re talking about a piece of farm equipment that costs a quarter million dollars, $500 isn’t much. What is price when you have a fire and you have to put it out? A lot of guys will pay more for an insurance policy on a combine for one year than one of your fire extinguishers.
I took the can back and hung it on the wall and a neighbor called my brother four hours later and he said he had hot embers. He asked to get “that fire extinguisher” and use it. He used the remainder of the extinguisher. He had some embers start in the cylinder of the combine and he used it again to snuff it out. Hopefully I won’t have another fire, but if I do, I’m glad I have these fire extinguishers.”

Ray V.Orange City, IA

“I had just finished combining a field of soybeans and was pulling up to the back side of our building site and it was about 10:00 p.m. As I pulled into the yard, I could see my two hired men running towards the combine. One of the men had a regular fire extinguisher in his hand and the other man ran and got an AKE fire extinguisher to put out the fire that had started in amongst some pulleys behind the front wheels of the combine. I had no idea that there was a fire till I got up to the yard and saw the men running towards me. My hired man started spraying the regular fire extinguisher which was making a mess and not putting out the fire, but quit when my other hired man arrived with the AKE fire extinguisher. It immediately put out the fire and did not make a white mess all over everything. Upon careful inspection of the combine, we discovered that nothing had been harmed due to the fire. The only thing that needed to be replaced was the bearing that went bad and started the fire in the first place. We definitely credit the AKE fire extinguisher for putting out the fire quickly so that none of the wires, pulleys, or hoses were destroyed and ultimately saving the entire combine. It was a very dry fall and combine fires were happening all over southern Minnesota. We were fortunate not to be among the casualties of that dry weather. Thank you AKE for such an awesome product!!”

Chris D.Albert Lea, MN

“I used STOP-FYRE® on a chimney/stove pipe fire. I was very concerned I would lose the house. I grabbed my STOP-FYRE® that I just bought a week before and pulled the trigger and the fire was out. I am really glad I had prepared and had this extinguisher to use. I was concerned about having enough for another fire and AKE gave me a new fire extinguisher and only charged me for the amount of STOP-FYRE® I used. After this great experience I bought even more. And would you believe it – I have had another fire since then and thankfully I had my STOP-FYRE® right at hand to save my home.”

Aden M.Utica, MN

“On Thursday October 6, 2011, we were harvesting beans in 60+ mile an hour winds when we smelled smoke on the combine. A fire had started in the engine compartment and under the seat of our 7720 JD combine. We were carrying a 3 gallon water fire extinguisher on the combine, but it ran out of pressure before it was half empty and we could not get it under the seat good enough to get out the fire. Then I remembered I had an AKE extinguisher in our truck. I took that out, sprayed under the seat and in the engine compartment, and the fire was out. We were able to drive the combine to the yard and a water source and check it over. The only damage was a melted throttle cable. I think the AKE extinguisher saved the combine.”

Mike H.Fairfax, SD

“We recently had a router bit melt and burn the bed on our CNC. With a few seconds blast from AKE’s STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher, it was out. The machine and the material were saved without any damage to either of them and there was no residual residue from the extinguisher to harm the machine. Thanks for a great product!”

Jason H.Minneapolis, MN

“I was torching metal and a nearby tractor hooked to the bale shredder caught sparks on the rear. Stalks and oil caught on fire. Before we knew it we had 4′ flames. We used our AKE fire extinguisher to put it out. Had we not had them we could have lost the tractor and also the shop we were working in. All we lost was a fuel line on the tractor.”

Kevin Z.Lake Park, IA

“We saw the ad a year ago, but thought there was no need to spend that much money on a fire extinguisher. However, after what happened last week, we wish we had because the cheaper fire extinguisher we had on our baler did not work and we lost our baler. So, in hindsight, paying more and having a top quality fire extinguisher would have been a much better choice. So, we are ready to order now!”

Dorcas D.Bradford, TN

“Combine was on fire in a field 4 1/2 miles from department. Upon arrival a small fire was on back of the machine. One big fire was going through the field. We dropped one firefighter off at the machine. One shot with the STOP-FYRE® and the machine was out. The fire truck was able to attack the field fire, saving the farm crops. This is a very good product. Everyone should have one on their equipment.”

Kevin T.Ethan, SD

“I had a battery cable short on a hydraulic hose on my skid-loader. By the time I shut the engine off, flames were coming up beside the engine. Got my STOP-FYRE® and one squirt did the job. Saved the machine. No mess.”

Nelson B.Withee, WI

“The Tractor wasn’t working so a mechanic and Ralph were by the tractor when a gas line exploded. The mechanic’s arm was slightly burned but thanks to the quick action of our son, he put out the fire by grabbing the AKE Fire Extinguisher.”

Sylvia L.Cold Spring, MN

“My friend Dean M. used a STOP-FYRE® unit to save a combine and a field.”
Terry is now a customer.

Terry K.Larchwood, IA

“A can of tapping fluid accidentally punctured and fluid ignited by spark. We had a small fire. STOP-FYRE® worked excellent.”

Randy I.Atkinson, NE

“We were baling corn stalks one afternoon with 2 balers. It was kind of on the windy side. We noticed smoke coming from one baler. Some trash had built up by the pick-up and started burning. Each tractor had a STOP-FYRE® extinguisher in it. We got the fire out and saved the baler with minimal damage. Without STOP-FYRE® we would have lost the baler and possibly the tractor.
Thanks for such a great product!”

Ordell M.Menno, SD

“I put out a fire we had in our compactor box just now. I have been waiting to try your extinguisher on it for some time. It worked great. We never know where the fire is in the box, and, when I used your extinguisher, it sucked out the oxygen to put it out instantly.”

Steve K.Winona, MN

“Your fire extinguisher performed flawlessly when we had a bearing freeze-up on our corn head last fall at corn harvest and started on fire in the header while in the field. Thankfully we saw it and the extinguisher was right there on the grain cart tractor and was put out immediately by the tractor operator. Nothing was harmed or destroyed. This only proved the importance of having these products at hand. Thanks a lot for the great product and service – it saved a combine.”

Tim L.Rutland, SD

“Last year at the 2013 Grand National Tractor Pull in Bowling Green, Ohio, my two wheel drive truck detonated, blew the super charger off, and caught on fire.

Basically it was an alcohol / methanol fire so it took a while for the track officials to realize there was a fire.

My son realized there was a fire. The STOP-FYRE® was shot in my face, the fire was put out successfully, it drew out the oxygen – some coughing and wheezing – but other than that, no effects, which is very important because I have existing asthma.”

Don & Marcie W.Croton, OH

“I purchased 6 STOP-FYRE® extinguishers in the spring of 2012. I put 1 in my house and gave 1 to each of my 4 kids as gifts. In October of 2012, my daughter had a grease fire on her stove and was able to put the fire out with ease. The best gift a father could give to a child!”

Dan L.Holy Cross, IA

“I pulled up on scene where there was a multi-vehicle accident and had an occupant pinned / trapped in a vehicle. While doing an extraction to remove driver from vehicle a fire started in engine compartment. I asked my crew to get the water line from pumper truck pulled and to bring the small extinguisher (STOP-FYRE®).

The STOP-FYRE® was used first. Without opening the hood the fire was out. We still used the hose as an additional precautionary step. The speed and effectiveness of STOP-FYRE® allowed us to eliminate threat of fire while safely removing the driver from vehicle.

We had seen the demonstration and understood how STOP-FYRE® works – but using it in a real life fire scenario was extremely impressive.”

Jim V.Rossdale, OH

“We had cornstalks and oil at the bottom of our skid loader start on fire when burning a brush pile and a couple of squirts put it right out. I couldn’t believe we saved it.”

Rusty T.Le Center, MN

“We purchased our fire extinguishers this spring and found them very useful.  This fall [2011] we had a fire start in the engine compartment of our combine in the exhaust manifold doing corn.  It took two extinguishers to put it out, but we only had to replace a couple of wires and one belt and best of all – no mess (powder) to clean up.  We have found them very useful in our custom business.”

Donald W.Almena, WI