STOP-FYRE® Testimonials

Our customers know that STOP-FYRE® works. They explain, in their own words, how STOP-FYRE® has helped save their property, equipment and lives.

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Written Testimonials

“Last year at the 2013 Grand National Tractor Pull in Bowling Green, Ohio, my two wheel drive truck detonated, blew the super charger off, and caught on fire. Basically it was an alcohol / methanol fire so it took a while for the track officials to realize there was a fire.

My son realized there was a fire. The STOP-FYRE® was shot in my face, the fire was put out successfully, it drew out the oxygen – some coughing and wheezing – but other than that, no effects, which is very important because I have existing asthma.”
Don and Marcie W., Croton, OH

“I purchased 6 STOP-FYRE® extinguishers in the spring of 2012. I put 1 in my house and gave 1 to each of my 4 kids as gifts. In October of 2012, my daughter had a grease fire on her stove and was able to put the fire out with ease. The best gift a father could give to a child!”
Dan L.,  Holy Cross, IA

“The #1 reason I purchased 11 STOP-FYRE® units for my farm is simple – I don’t want to have to shake them each month or have then serviced every year. This saves me precious time and money. STOP-FYRE® is hassle free and over time will more than pay for itself.”
Justin F., Holy Cross, IA                                

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