Regional Sales Manager Careers

AKE Safety Equipment RSM Job Description

About the Company:

Founded in 1989, AKE Safety Equipment ( has grown into a market-leading fire safety equipment manufacturing and sales company. We operate on a national scale with a large network of sales representatives and dealers.  AKE Safety Equipment – makers of STOP-FYRE® The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®– is currently looking for a Regional Sales Manager to grow a team of successful outside sales representatives throughout a designated region of the U.S.  Our target customers are farmers in all agriculturally productive areas of the U.S.  AKE’s mission and values are simple: We’re in business for the right reasons - to help people and to save property, livelihoods and lives. 


Job Description:

The primary responsibility of a Regional Sales Manager (RSM) is to build the team necessary to achieve their team’s portion of the overall company sales objective on budget.  This position requires extensive travel throughout their designated territory in rural areas (you will barely recognize your own house!).

This is a W2 position which includes a low base salary with very high upside (commission and significant performance bonuses).

3 Most Important RSM Attributes:

1) Knows what it really means to lead and get results. 

2) Is extremely competitive and thrives in a healthy competitive environment.

3) Is all about the Team, peers and the overall company, and is willing and able to do whatever is necessary to help the team success.

Specific Responsibilities and Skills:

-  Onboard, build and maintain a team of high producing outside sales representatives.

-  Responsible for the successful execution of strategic business plans so that their team goals are achieved on target and on budget.

-  Responsible for the continual assessment of each team member’s performance with the ability to coach and strategize training and developmental needs, as appropriate.

-  Assess team morale and help to maintain a positive company culture to ensure high retention rates and very low unwanted turnover.

-  Build strong professional relationships that inspire loyalty and unwavering dedication to the AKE Core Focus - STOP-FYRE® on every farm in America (this is our WHY)!

-  Ability to manage a professional on-the-road schedule which WILL require the availability to travel as required - UP TO 90%.

-  Maintain timely and accurate reporting of your entire team.

-  Brand promotion and protection.

-  Maintain a pulse and professional knowledge on the industry.

-  Must be highly focused upon constant personal and professional improvement.

-  Dealer service and support.


-  Must be able to prove they are a champion sales leader and successful at building champion reps.

-  5 + years of related experience.

-  Experience managing 1099 Independent Contractors is a plus.

Each RSM at AKE must be a leader who is:

-  100% in-line with our core values and recognizes that being a leader is not a popularity contest.

-  Not a whiner or excuse maker.

-  Have an overwhelming dedication and tireless commitment to our company and their team's success.

-  Ridiculously passionate about our product, people (team & clientele), and process adherence/development/improvement.

-  Unshakably loyal and understand they are here for a greater purpose and believe money (although a high priority) will follow as a result but is NOT their cause and can balance this thinking.

-  A disciplined driver both of themselves and everyone around them.

-  Tenacious & simply won't let go until success is reached.

-  Willing to invest significant time into each team member to coach & develop them to become their best.

-  Able to assess & cut under-performing reps without emotion clouding their judgement.

-  Willing & able to also be a follower of the larger team, understand their place in the bigger organization, and able to check their ego at the door.

-  Truly committed to process & not fly by the seat of their pants most of the time YET can still think quickly on their feet to be able to deal appropriately with issues or opportunities that arise.

-  A representative of our overall team that would make us proud no matter if on a farm, in a bar, or in a boardroom.

-  Never done learning & developing themselves into a better leader and how they can be of more value/service to their sales team & employer.

-  Clear about what they want in life & have identified that by being an RSM with AKE, they can achieve what they desire professionally.

 How do I move forward in applying for an RSM role?

-  Apply below!

-  If chosen to proceed in our interview process, be prepared to conduct a phone interview(s) and an in-person interview at our HQ in Rochester, MN.  This in-person interview will include a presentation to the AKE Leadership Group.  We want to know exactly why you are the right person for our growing sales team and should have the opportunity to be part of a strong management group.  More information and details will follow, if selected.