Rural Agricultural Direct Sales Representative

$90,816+ a year – Commission






In 2016, our average Sales Representative earned $90,816 and our top performer earned over $200,000 in commission selling STOP-FYRE ® The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher ® direct to farmers within their protected territory.

Our most successful Sales Representatives have the following in common, they all:

  • Have previous sales experience and most have MANY years of it. They know how to sell, and equally as important, they have learned what to look for when selecting a company to sell for and are excited to sell for us.
  • Are extremely competitive. They all score themselves either a 9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10 because they expect to win when they compete.
  • Have some kind of connection to the Agricultural community. Either they grew up on a farm, worked on a farm, or have done business with farmers on a regular basis.
  • Have a background in construction and/or excavation. Our best have all either worked in construction, sold to the construction industry, sold for a construction company, or have owned their own construction business.
  • Are very entrepreneurial. It is simply in their DNA to be very independent, self-driven, self-motivated, and business minded. They just “get” how business works and as a result thrive in and appreciate the sales position at AKE. This is why we only pay 100% straight commission. True hunter salespeople want the opportunity to earn an income that is ONLY limited by their performance because THEY perform! The great ones do not want a safety net because they realize there are always strings attached to every safety net. They desire a lucrative unlimited income opportunity with no funny business of manipulating commission structures or territories to favor the company and THESE are some of the reasons they love selling for us and being a part of our team.

PLEASE understand:

  • We are extremely selective and only allowing the best salespeople to join our team!
  • We NEVER charge our salespeople anything to work for us.
  • Our salespeople DO NOT buy their product from us in order to sell.

We are simply looking for the best salespeople out there who are in turn searching for the best company to sell for. Bottom line is: no surprises, no fees, no funny business – no BS.


Founded in 1989, AKE Safety Equipment has evolved into a market-leading fire safety equipment manufacturing and sales company. We operate on a national scale with a large network of dealers and sales representatives and have experienced over 30% growth each year over the last six years. We are committed to providing our salespeople with an opportunity to improve their lifestyle while being an integral part of something bigger than themselves and have a chance to make a genuine difference in the lives of good people.

Top 3 reasons why our current sales representatives say we offer the best sales career opportunity available today:

  • Sell a Unique Product – You will get the chance to help people and potentially save a life while representing a company and brand you will be proud of.
  • Freedom to be their Own Boss – You will control your own schedule, income, and destiny while still having a very strong team backing you up in this 1099 outside-sales position.
  • Earn Unlimited Income – You will have the opportunity to earn as much as you desire because our commission & bonus plan is both lucrative and uncapped. You will be compensated by our 100% commission structure AND offered significant weekly performance bonuses. In addition, each new sales representative will be given the option of receiving a non-recoverable draw for their first 12 weeks.

BUT … DO NOT apply unless you are:

  • Trainable and have never lost your desire to learn & improve.
  • Uncompromisingly driven to succeed.
  • Seeking to be passionate about what you do for a living.
  • Focused on succeeding in life.
  • Determined to never give up.
  • Persistent in always doing your best to achieve your goals.
  • Honest with uncompromising integrity.
  • Committed to helping others & building lasting relationships with customers.
  • Extremely confident in your sales abilities & can prove previous success.
  • Seriously eager to deliver Superstar level results by taking on this door-to-door direct-sales opportunity.

IF you are what we are looking for, you too can cultivate your future while helping our customers protect what matters most! Advancement within our company is available for those who consistently achieve goals set. Our entire team understands that the success of our salespeople and serving our customers is what keeps all of us working, therefore on OUR sales team your independent-entrepreneurial-sales mindset and results will be greatly appreciated and highly respected.

Again, ONLY Sales Superstars with the following traits should apply:

  • Performers – experienced hunters who can prove successes.
  • Willing – trainable individuals who embrace new ideas.
  • Ambitious – no excuse mentality with a burning desire to succeed.
  • Independent – self-driven and self-motivated people.
  • Passionate – someone who truly cares about the customer, product, and team.
  • Trustworthy – every team member must be in line with our core values.

Very Important: Our Selection Committee WILL NOT advance anyone in our Sales-Representative-Recruitment-Process until they have completed our online application on our website at the below address.

IF our Selection Committee believes you have what it takes to help our sales team continue to grow, AFTER you have completed the online application on our website:

  • Our Selection Committee will contact you to conduct a one-on-one phone interview and then,
  • if they believe you are a good fit for our team, you will be invited to a face-to-face personal interview with our company Founder Allen Kronebusch at our headquarters in Rochester MN.
  • You MUST be willing to travel to Rochester MN for a face-to-face interview if selected, if you are unwilling to do this please DO NOT APPLY because there are no exceptions.

Please note:

  • We NEVER charge our salespeople anything to work for us. We are not an MLM company. Our salespeople DO NOT buy their product to sell. We are simply looking for the best salespeople out there who are in turn searching for the best company to sell for. Bottom line is: no surprises, no fees, no funny business – no BS.
  • We interact with approximately 6,400 individuals for every ONE applicant we invite to come to our headquarters in Minnesota for a face-to-face personal interview with our Founder, Allen Kronebusch.  Our vetting process is very tough, as we only want the best candidates to come to our headquarters.  For those we invite to be interviewed at our office, we reimburse our applicants for their travel related expenses.

If you think you are up to our standards and have what it takes to meet the challenge of helping us save lives and property, then begin your process now by completing our online application below!

Job Type: Full-time

Earnings: $90,816.00 / year commission

Required experience:

  • Direct Sales: 1 year

Watch sales recruitment video to learn more!

We are now hiring Sales Representatives NATIONWIDE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Given that we recently launched a new website, you might find some errors when trying to apply. Most of the time, we successfully receive applications without any issues. However, to save your information, we suggest downloading the following Word application, fill the application there, and then copy and paste your responses to the form below. Likewise, we would appreciate if you contact us to describe the errors that you are encountering.

Thank you for your time and patience with this matter. 

Click here to download the Sales Representative Application Document