STOP-FYRE® Blue Fire Extinguisher

With Standard 1 Year Guarantee $300.00

With Lifetime Guarantee $450.00

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STOP-FYRE® Blue Fire Extinguisher

The STOP-FYRE® Blue has the same super-tough canister, easy-to-use handle, and clean-effective agent. 

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STOP-FYRE® Blue Fire Extinguisher
STOP-FYRE® Blue Fire Extinguisher

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    Need more firefighting power?
    Then our STOP-FYRE® Green unit is for you!

    More POWER!

    The STOP-FYRE® Blue has the same super-tough canister, easy-to-use handle, and clean-effective agent. 

    In addition, each Blue unit comes with our patented Fire Extinguisher Cap which protects the handle and valve from insects, dirt, and other debris.

    Why would anyone, or any company, in their right mind build a fire extinguisher canister so tough and so far beyond what is required? Why do something bordering on ridiculous?

    Because we don’t build STOP-FYRE® for the D.O.T. or to meet a minimum standard – WE proudly build STOP-FYRE® for you, OUR customer, and farmers are not known for being gentle on their equipment. STOP-FYRE® is an American product, built in America for Americans, and is built American-tough!!!

    STOP-FYRE® has been taken to a whole new level of toughness because our canister, used for all handheld models, has an average burst strength of 850 psi! The canister is more than THREE times stronger than what the D.O.T. requires.

    In addition to strength, our patented canister allows us to mount a fully-recessed pressure gauge in the bottom of all of our handheld units. This pressure gauge, along with the included inspection tag, is necessary in order to satisfy an inspection. This way the inspector can quickly assess that your extinguisher is in working condition.

    When you prepare in advance with the right fire extinguisher, your next fire is likely be a minor inconvenience, which barely even slows you down, instead of being a major tragedy which could have been a devastating event. Now more than ever before, whether you need a fire extinguisher for your farm, ranch, construction equipment, fire department, or home, there simply is no better choice than STOP-FYRE®.

    Specs = 3” diameter x 12.5” tall x 6” handle width

    Fire Extinguisher Comparison

    AKE No-Hassle Guarantee™*


    AKE guarantees that if any of the fire safety equipment we manufactured is EVER not in working condition, we will repair or replace it with a new unit of equal or greater value.

    “With our Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee, you get true Peace-of-Mind because you have our Team’s promise and my word.”

    Allen Kronebusch

    *AKE's Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™ does not apply to AVWS & wiring, if any product is abused, altered, vandalized, or if customer attempts to defraud AKE. This guarantee is limited to the replacement of the unit only.


    * Free shipping applies for the 48 contiguous United States.

    Call 800-586-1639 (US) 507-258-4418 (INTL)  if you prefer purchasing over the phone.


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    Additional Information

    Fire Fighting Power (FFP)

    1 FFP


    FM 200


    12.5 inches


    3 inches

    Width At Handle

    6 inches


    Single, Case, Pallet


    Yes, contact us for any refill needs or if the unit appears damaged in any way.

    Mounting Bracket Included?

    Yes & includes self-tapping screws.

    Effective Operating Temperature

    -40°F ? +120°F [-40°C ? +50°C]

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