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Why is STOP-FYRE® The World's BEST Fire Extinguisher®?

Dry Chemical
1. No monthly service required
1. Must be shaken every month to free powder

Because of our clean agents, you get a hassle-free extinguisher which does not need to be shaken monthly.

The powder agent is so fine it often settles and solidifies which can render the extinguisher ineffective when you need it most.

2. No yearly service required
2. Must be professionally serviced every year

Other than a simple common-sense do-it-yourself inspection (as directed on the label), nothing needs to be done to your STOP-FYRE® extinguisher – ever.

Annual professional inspections and servicing of dry chemical extinguishers is recommended and, in many cases, required by law.

3. Multi-shot unit
3. Must be professionally serviced after each use

Because our gas agent won’t clog our valve, you get an extinguisher which, unless empty, does not need to be serviced after each use and can fight multiple fires over many years.

All dry chemical extinguishers require professional servicing after each use because the valve gets clogged allowing the pressure to leak out making the unit non-functional.

4. No mess or clean up
4. Very messy – difficult & expensive to clean up

With our clean agent, you will avoid the extreme hassle and expense of a dry chemical clean up.

As reported to us from customers and fire professionals, dry chemical powder can pose serious health risks and significant loss of home/business use as the mess is properly cleaned up.

5. Non-corrosive
5. Corrosive to electronics & metals

Our non-conductive liquefied gas agent, instantly evaporates leaving no residue. You can use STOP-FYRE® on anything knowing it will not do any additional damage.

People who have never used a dry chemical extinguisher are unaware of how much additional damage, hassle, and expense can result from its corrosive ammonium-phosphate powder.

6. Spray in vicinity of fire & gas expands
6. Must have a direct shot at base of fire

Our agent is drawn to the fire so you can extinguish hard-to-reach hidden fires that powder is ineffective at reaching.

Dry chemical limits your ability to extinguish a fire because it is a powder which is heavier than a gas – it settles and won’t go around obstructions.

7. Compact & lightweight
7. Bulky & heavy

Precious seconds count when fighting a fire so we’ve designed STOP-FYRE® with this in mind. You can mount it anywhere for quick accessibility and it’s lightweight enough that anyone can use it.

The weight and size of a typical dry chemical extinguisher can make fast access and proper usage difficult. These problems can cost you valuable time in a fire situation, resulting in greater property damage and potential loss of life.

8. So easy a 4-year old can use it
8. Complicated & intimidating

Because of our simple design, STOP-FYRE®’s operation is intuitive making it faster and easier for you to put out a fire.

Proper usage of dry chemical extinguishers can be very difficult. This problem costs you TIME – which can make the difference between your fire being a minor inconvenience or a major tragedy.

9. Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee
9. Breakable / not durable / no replacement

We make the most reliable fire extinguisher money can buy and prove it by being the only manufacturer that protects your purchase with a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee. When you own STOP-FYRE®, you can feel confident knowing you made the right choice.

Every other fire extinguisher made only comes with a limited warranty. If the company that makes the product doesn’t believe in it enough to guarantee it, why should YOU trust it to protect what matters to you most?

10. Peace-of-Mind
10. ???

STOP-FYRE® will do the job that needs to be done. Our customers love it because they don’t have to worry whether it will work or not when they need it most.

Now that you know the facts, don’t get burned by anything less than the best.