Farmer STOP-FYRE Testimonials

Farmers just like you have had their equipment and lives saved by using STOP-FYRE clean agent fire extinguishers. Hear what they have to say about STOP-FYRE in their own words and see practical farming applications in the videos below.

“I used them on a combine fire this last fall. Glad I had them as I was able to put the fire out enough until the fire department arrived and was combining again the next day. I am well satisfied with your product.”

-Darren D., Freeman, SD


“After seeing STOP-FYRE in action, I can’t imagine owning anything else to protect my farm and machinery.”

-Dave S., Farmer & NTPA CEO


“I purchased two fire extinguishers for our farm operation in the summer of 2010. I was carrying one of the extinguishers in the combine this spring as we were combining soybeans. It was a very windy day when I noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. I stopped the combine and jumped out with the fire extinguisher with me. Debris, wood chips, and soybean dust were getting hot – probably from sparks in the engine. Smoke was pouring out of the engine area. I immediately used the fire extinguisher to put out the sparks and smoke. My combine was saved.”

-Dennis K., Manly, IA


“The #1 reason I purchased 11 STOP-FYRE units for my farm is simple – I don’t want to have to shake them each month or have then serviced every year. This saves me precious time and money. STOP-FYRE is hassle free and over time will more than pay for itself.”

-Justin F., Kensett, IA


“I bought my first STOP-FYRE unit in 1991. In 1992 I used it to put out a fire in my corn dryer. A few years later I used the same unit to put out a fire on my combine. I never needed to service this unit at all – it just put out the fire when I needed it to – TWICE. Because of the quality, in 2010 I put in another 8 large units in all my machinery, trucks, and buildings. STOP-FYRE saved me many thousands and significant downtime.”

-Dave G., Racine, MN