Homeowners – What Matters Most When Buying a Fire Extinguisher

Ninety-six percent of all fire deaths happen in the home or on your own property. House fires cost Americans $7.3 billion annually and are a leading cause of death and injury in children under 14.

Smart fire safety practices in the home can help prevent a tragedy. STOP-FYRE® clean agent fire extinguishers can prevent a fire in your home from getting out of control and causing injuries, property damage or even loss of life. We understand how important it is to protect your family and your valuables. STOP-FYRE® clean agent fire extinguishers help you keep them safe.

Top Reasons Homeowners Use STOP-FYRE®

  • Small and effective
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safe on skin and delicate electronics
  • Maintenance free
  • So easy to use, a child could operate it
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Home Fire Safety


When it comes to fire safety, the home is the most important place to protect. With the fire problems homeowners encounter, STOP-FYRE® is the best choice in fire safety.

  • 96% of all fire deaths occur in the home and on property
  • Irreplaceable items are in the home (e.g. family, heirlooms, photos, data, etc.)
  • 65% of all fires start in the kitchen
  • The effect of a fire mess is much more impactful in the home
  • Homeowners often have lack of fire safety knowledge and preparation

Homeowner Fire Statistics


For Fires Confined to the Object that Caught Fire

  • 228,890 fires
  • $378,000,000 in property damage ($1,651 per fire)

For Fires that Spread Beyond the Object that Caught Fire

  • 96,510 fires
  • $6,367,000,000 in property damage ($65,972 per fire)


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