Tractor Pullers – What Matters Most When Buying a Fire Extinguisher

The roar of the engine and applause from the crowd combine to produce the thrill that all tractor pulling teams understand. From the beginning to end of each event, pulling teams show off their expensive equipment and superb driving skills.

The STOP-FYRE® extinguisher, an essential piece of equipment for every puller, makes pulling events significantly safer. It offers exceptional safety performance as a clean agent fire extinguisher. Additionally, it’s mess-free, easy to use and tough. Spray the multi-shot unit in the vicinity of the fire, and the product expands to douse all the flames. With no maintenance (other than common sense visual inspections), the corrosion-free extinguisher is a must-have for every puller.

Top Reasons Tractor Pullers Use STOP-FYRE®

  • Does not need clean up
  • Does not hurt equipment/non-corrosive
  • Works fast and minimizes damage
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Tractor Puller Fire Safety

Tractor pullers are using high-end, expensive equipment with a high propensity to catch on fire. Here’s why tractor pullers trust STOP-FYRE® as the best tractor fire extinguisher of choice:

  • Significant money invested into tractor and equipment
  • Corrosive dry chemical creates greater risk of engine damage
  • Extremely flammable fuels used (e.g. Ethanol)
  • Much greater likelihood of having a fire
  • Required to have a fire extinguisher

STOP-FYRE® is the Official Fire Extinguisher of the NTPA, ISP, MSTPA and the Nebraska Bush Pullers.


  • Why Choose STOP-FYRE®?
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