Best Electrical Fire Extinguisher

The damage suffered from an electrical fire can be magnified by using the wrong type of fire extinguisher. STOP-FYRE® is the best electrical fire extinguisher because it does not harm electronics and does not conduct electricity. With STOP-FYRE® you can prevent significant hassle, expense, and downtime.

  • Why Choose STOP-FYRE®?
    • Compare fire extinguisher types and see how STOP-FYRE® is a more reliable and effective fire extinguisher.
  • Value Comparison
    • See how STOP-FYRE’s® long-term value compares to traditional dry chemical fire extinguishers.
  • FAQ
    • Read some of the most commonly asked questions about STOP-FYRE®.
  • Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™
    • Feel at ease with STOP-FYRE®, the only fire extinguisher with a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee.